Tuesday, July 17, 2007

very tasty dinner

Last night i had dinner with my family , my hubby and mother in low at "Soog Almobarekeya " walah i really had fun , the food was tasty 7ada we start eating and eating till we`re full hehehe to be honest i couldn't sleep but sometimes gathering with family and enjoying my time opens my appetite :)

- i don`t want to gain weight again :( <---stop eating

as usual jojo likes to take snapshot , the camera is with us every were hehehe

bas walah i really enjoy it

- i went to my friend`s reception she had a baby boy :) wanasaa , only in kuwait you see women are dressing up in hospitals , because of these receptions i hope this habba will end when i get pregnant enshalah cus i feel it`s really hard for any girl who just delivered to stay all these hours welcoming people oooof ta3aab walah


Ansam said...

I like dalag suhail in al mubarakiya.. 3indohom ice cream in a cone that is so yummmy heehee

And about reception habba, its already fading by so many girls I know. She delivers, rest, and then by the time jereeb te6la3 or already e6la3at men el 40 etsawi estiqbal yoom or yomain eb bait-ha

and actually that is what my sister did min zimaaaaaaaaaaaan. She delivered in 2001 and she had family and close friends only bel hospital ma kan estiqbal rasmi, wel baji killa bel beit 3 days emfarigeen 3ashan people come so dont worry ;-)

eshda3wa said...

i never been to soog lmbarkiya
but i really want to go check it out sometime sooon

Ansam said...

eshda3wa ya eshda3wa heehee
tara its nice
it gives you a flavor of the past.. I sometimes just go and walk around and have fun... whenever we have guests from Europe and the States, we take them there.. and believe it or not, thats where they have fun the most and ask us to go again for one more time before they go back home

Anonymous said...

dbw3alaikom bil 3afya, kila aru7 hnak, bas never had food there, akhaf not clean? was it ?

hehe i went o istiqbal my friend ams, o it was a baby boy as well, she had make-up on, and kil man kashi5 china 3ers, ihya she seemed ta3bana. in my opinion, hatha kila mala salfa, ana agol istiqbal lama tred bait`hum o tred 3afyat`ha.. :)

Anonymous said...

you mean in mother in "law"