Friday, July 20, 2007


- i am preparing our bags , i always got nervous before i travel it is a habit i always have that feeling of forgetting something or "ma yamdene aswee shay " feeling .

- i passed by the new jareer woooow mashalah it is really huge wanasaaa

- "ربي واحد و ريلي واحد " a phrase by Grandma :) heheh we were teasing her of getting married again :) she is over 80 mashalah i love her

hmmmm i feel busy madree leesh


Sara said...

wain 9ayer jareeeer el ydeed?

Ansam said...

Make a check list!
I do this all the time
I have a list that I keep in my suitcase and when I travel I check it... and when I come back home I leave it in the suitcase for the next trip and so on... its very useful and it saves time..

Write down the things you will need always such as tooth brush and paste, comb, lotions, socks, underwear, deodorant, pajamas, .....etc.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Sara it`s emtdad city center shwekh the street that full of cars companies heheh i guess they called it papsi street know it`s name

ansam thanks dear :) walh love your comments

EniGma said...

write things down so that you don't forget. add dettol wipes to ansam's list :p hehe i can't live without them. and phone/camera chargers.

Ansam said...

Thats not my full list heehee
that why I typed etc. heehee I take sanitizers, wet napkins, my shampoo, and many more things heehee

New Bride-
And your blog is so cute ;-)