Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged \stuff from sultan center

i`ve been tagged by Vyvvaa to shot 5 things from sultan center , to be honest i went to carefore to buy my groceries

so sample "

1- Lance - clothes comforter waaaaay a7laa mn Comfort nice smell that last .

2- boxes of Aquafina Water <--- we drink alot of water

3- Herbal essences shampoo

4- Nescafe Frappe

5- Foot Cream from : Neutrogena ( mo 6abee3ee )


Anonymous said...

i guess the reason i tagged people so we can see what favorites we have.. im going to try ur recommendations on the softener and the foot cream :)

Anonymous said...

I love Downy but now I'm gonna have to try Lance

Ansam said...
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Ansam said...

I dont like aquafina.. well I drink natural mineral water like Highland (my favorite) or Sohat (Lebanese).. I mean the water I like to drink must be spring or well water.. in some countries 7etta el glacial water is fine, or purified men spring or so... but NOT purified water as it is! It could be purified seawater or (WAI33333333) municipal water!!!

NewQ8 Bride said...

vyvaa great tag really :) try the softener <---iwas looking for this word heheheh walah mo 6abe33ee try the blue one first

pearls :) ya as i said try the blue one first mo 6abee3ee

ansaaam looooooooooool waaay walah khar3tene hehehe

Ansam said...

LOL heehee ana mo wiswasiya bes when it comes to these things and such I become "cautious" :-P Ya3ni mai nab3 or jabal shay 6abi3i a7san.. sa7 wila la?