Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MY new dress

remember the dress that i bought from my friend "aljawhara " when she was at diva ?!?!?!? mashalah i got it now o shaklaa ewanes , mo wayed 7loo bas ewanes my plan is 2 wear it the first day of ramadan lama nroo7 nbarek enshalah instead of wearing dara3a .

plz plz give me your opinion , i am going to wear it with legging ( because of Hejab ) and still i am not sure what color shall i use for the Vail ,

but i found something hmmmmmm i went to "sooq alsalmeya " city center o i was shocked i found the same material of my dress 5 K.D only" the one in the window image " !!!! thag khlige and i called my mom she said : البنية مالها شغل اهي تشتري الخام من الكويت و هم المحلات نفس الشي

ya she is right and also my dress is embedded with Swarovisky crystal that `s why it costs 45 KD but still m7traaa hehehe ha shryakom ???


Anonymous said...

Wayid na3im :) ilog 7ag rmthan..3alich bil 3afya. Oo isara7a, khosh blog. :) keep it up!

Shopa said...

sorry but I have to ask this, how can a Muhajjaba wear legging? I've seen many girls around town doing so but I just cannot adjust it. Yes, it's "in" just like how skirts and long boots were in yet isn't the whole purpose of wearing the veil is covering your body?
Leggings do not cover the body,
قاعد يفصل الجسم

Extinct Dodo said...

it looks like a curtain. i dont think my grandma would be caught dead in something as hideous as that

Ansam said...

I rarely buy from ma3arith now! I do wear dresses that we call "mashroo3 dara3a :-P LOL
Meaning... its not a traditional dara3a and not a dress-dress!
And I am sorry to tell you that your friend is a rib off! So with crystals the price goes up 40 KD! Is it exactly the same material?
Well the thing is that you already bought it (same as my situation with the laundry basket, remember?) so make good use of it! But it wont look nice with leggings if u wear 7ijab! I dont like long leggings with dresses.. I like the capri ones, the below the knee ones.. its only my opinion. As for veil, whats your skin completion? I would choose pinkish beige or so! what do you think?

Anonymous said...

جد ويع
ذوقك كلش هيلقي

Ansam said...

agool since you like Eva Longoria
check out her wedding pictures in OK magazine


Anonymous said...

sweet dress, yeah, me too was upset when i bought a tunic from Al Raya o went to Mohallab to see the same fabric! Walla I bought from Promod a dress o aroo7 elnogra o ashoof the same fabric! Maskhara

Chicken Soup said...

7abeeeeebti ma 3alaich minhum i think its very very cute :) ana agool kil ildresses '3air lama 3ala 3elaleeeg'hum oo '3air lama talbeseeenhum wakeed intay bit7alleen the dress :* 3alaich balf 3afya.. oo its very nice 7ag ermthan 9a7 thakarteeni lazim ashoof dararee3 oo dresses 7ag qabgaat oo ashyaaa2..
tara 3adi kil marra t9eer feeeni ashtiri badlat 3irs min ilraya for 300 waroo7 ilnigra ashoof the exact same dress for 100.. aw ashtiri a top min ma3rath oo ashoof nafs il5aaam for 1.500 KD ib soog ilaqmesha.. bes wain byishtiroon the cloth itha mo min hal amaken, 9a7? oo il 40 KD 9ij inna nas yigoolooon 7aram bes u supported ur friend oo hatha shay 7ilo :)
trust me btalbeseenha marra oo ur gonna love it oo talbeseenha again and again :D
what did jojo think of it?

shoosha said...

i agree with shpoaholic :S leggings efa9el il jesm oo i don't agree with muhajaba women wearing it :S i'd rather you make it longer aw shay :S cause itha its short ooo feee leggings oo e7jab it'll show wayed ashyaa2 3ala ba3ath, fahamtenee? :S
on another note, malich shi'3il billy egoloon ita not nice, aham shay inna 3ajbich intay :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

first of all thanks all for yor time reading :)

anonymous.... thanks dear and wellcome to my blog i am glad u liked it

Shopa....thanks dear waayed a7eb asma3 rayech really :) and about the legging it s not to short when i wear it bas ham 9a7 i never wear legging b4 walah mo mgtan3a i was just thinking gelt yamkin tageer even J told me that so thanks :)

Extinct dodo heheh thanks dear and as i said it`s ramadan dress :) o tra bl lebs waayed geer with nice belt o shway make up o laffa y9eer nice

ansam .....sis me 2 ma a7eb ashtree mn ma3areth but shaswee lama shfta bllebs kan nice o need dress for ramadhan o as u said i have to meke use with it :) o 9ij m7traa hehehe5 KD dress o thaaanks for the link :)

anon 2 7ram plz am not helegya :)

chikapappi...... mashkoora dear heheh o 9ij 7arra this happend only in kuwait nafs el shay mawjood rkhee9 o galee

fwai7 .... miss u missu yalshreera waaayed :) thanks 7abebte 9a7 klamich when i wear it it`s look nice , yalaah sheday 7eelich for ramadhan :)

shoosha ....thanks dear :) walah its nice madree ba3ad agyer raya ba3deen :) o yah about thelegging me 2 mo mgtan3a ra7 ashof lah shay cuz ana my style dayman simple bas halmarra madree hehehe

Sara said...

new bride mashala el dress wayed 7elo o 7ada 3ejabny 3aleec b alf 3afyaaa :D o wayed 7elo 7ag rmo'9aan m3a shela pink aw beej y6la3 raw3a .. bs 3ndy entegad baasee6 tawny adry enich met7ajbaa gbel la agra enech met7ajbba b'3ait agoolich lebseeh m3a legging bs lama draait enech met7ajbaa ma yenfa3 legging o 7jaab .. hatha 7alataa m3a ban6roon beej aw loon greeb men el alwan ely bl dress oo 3aleech b alf 3afyaa sis :D

o mo wayed 3aleeh 40 yeswa dam feh shwaveski .. ams dshaait ma7al shelaat el sheela el wa7da feha sa6ra wa7da shwaroviski b 75 KD so bl nesba laah dress b 40 wayed zain

oo 3aleech b alf 3afyaa :D

Anonymous said...

Sa7 kalamhom leggings o 7jab is a no no.. bas tegderen etqalden shakil el leggings in a way mayfa9el jesmich o talbisin skinny jeans :)
7jab nafs darajat el light green eli bil dress o simple pink make-up

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

Very feminine, I like it ;)

Anonymous said...

wai3, ma3 7zam akhyas .... il sara7a itha shiftmit7ajba labsa legging a7is ina i wanna gaaaaaaaag...

Anonymous said...

they are called LEGGINGS AND TIGHTS. they are not meant to cover you up.

Pearls said...

It's only a family gathering so don't try to please people and just wear whatever you please as long as you like it because no one is going to judge you there. It's not like you're going around topless, perhaps if you were topless people wouldn't criticize you as much as they did.

Though I have to agree with everyone that leggings don't look good on everyone but then again it's all a matter of taste, it's whatever you feel comfortable with. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

I have to say that 40 kd is a little too much for that dress but like you said you were helping out a friend and that's what counts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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