Sunday, July 08, 2007

I went out with my hubby for lunch , we love to try new places every time so we choose Black & White in Qurtba , I loved the design it was 50s style it was all black and white so it looks really unique , there wa s this T. V that show old movies walah it was fun J

The food was fresh but I didn’t like the service I don`t know they look hmmmmmm daykheen J over all it`s cool place to try , i loved the news paper like menu

My rate : 3.5 \5
JoJO`s rate : 4


Ansam said...

3alaikom bel 3afia
where is it exactly? Inside the co-op?

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ansaaaam :) alaah y3afeeech yaaah its inside the co-op

Ansam said...

thanks dear.. inshalla I try out soon. I LOVE gourmet burgers

Sara said...

Alla 7beeta el mokaan .. hehe ana bqortuba now! wain 9ayer bl '9b6??

3aleekom bl 3afyaa sis :)

Anonymous said...

since it's my first comment here I just have to say this = "MABROUK YA 3AROUSA" :)

Where in Qurtoba this place be, looks good bas are the mini burgers good as Burger boutique

NewQ8 Bride said...

sara :) alaah y3afech dear it inside the co-op , once u go there u`ll see the adds everywhere :)

chikapappi :) thankd dear and i hope u are not going to get bored and plz comment :) as i said it is inside the co-op o by the way khla9 ana ra7 a9eer old 3aroosa :)

Anonymous said...

anaaa ga3daaa agraaaa hal post berme'6aaaan .. 7araaam 3laaaich ;'''''''( yu3anaaaaa