Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fashion Tour :) Dad`s Birthday

Yesterday i took a fashion tour :) i went to Diva house Karizma and beet alsharg , i bought a very nice dress from my Friend "Al-Jawhara" <---the name of her designs , i was just going to check out what she had cuz she invited me , o this is my problem ast7ee aroo7 7ag wa7da a3refa cuz if i didn`t like what she had i will feel bad not to buy from her , but mashalah from "Aljawhara" i loved all her collection it is so class , so i ordered one dress enshalah i will post it as soon as it`s done . so u got go she is in Diva. also i bought a very nice "Lafa" from a girl next to her , mashalah love the style . Oh my God i love clothes and i can not resists nice stuff , as Jojo told me i have to stop so i can have fun in Venice .

Then i went to Beet Almzr to check on " Truth and dare " woooooow mashalah very nice stuff love them love them but "t3watht mn eblees" cuz ive just spend almost 90 K.D so khlaaaaa9 but enshalah i will buy that "sushi lover " top enshalah , it`s worth it u have to visit .

today is my Dad`s birthday :) 7abeebe i love him so much so i decided to invite him to lunch at " Shate`e Alwa6eya Restaurant " i prefer going out to dinner but my did never eat after 6 P.M that is why mashalh he at the same weight since he married MOM 75 :) but he refused to go out ygool it is too hot , he didn`t get it that it is his birthday o last night when i was talking to him about he keept telling me mabe aroo7 , o it`s hot , .........o lots of excuses , at the end he give me the real one " let`s waite till your mom come back ( mom is in 3omra with my bro) " ahaaa i get it now U DON`T WANT TO GO ANY WHERE WITHOUT HER :) mashalh mashalah y rab i could reach at least Half of the Love they had to each other

Love U Dad :) And Happy birthday

* Truth and dare image is from kuwait-style.com


Anonymous said...

honey frm ur words u seem to have such a loving heart. o happy birthday for ur dad. and may he always be happy with u and ur mother.

when u go to venice, try and visit near by places please. like lake como as yara pointed, or even take a train and visit jeneva.. ya3ni see some scenery here and there. no shopping will get u a long way trust me, thats how we managed to have a very successful trip me and ot.

Anonymous said...

Wow Aljawhara sounds great how long will her exhibit be in Diva? I'm glad you went to Truth or Dare and loved it :D Did you remember to take the names of 5 dresses to enter the contest? ;) Thank you for the link dear :) And lastly a Happy Birthday to your Dad, that is so cute about him not wanting to leave without your mother!

Ansam said...

Happy birthday to your dad..
Oh and enjoy Italy.. might as well go to Milan (not far in the train from Venice, and the shopping is amazing, maybe then from Milan you should go to fox town outlet, also by train.. its in Switzerland in Lugano) abbaih bes bes maby ashayesh LOL I will stop
Bes make sure when you are in Venice to go to Murano (glass making island) and Burano (lace making island) its amazing.. very nice stuff o you will find many things made of glass like earings watches o accessories... have a great time dear

Anonymous said...

why do u write in English when yr English sucks?

Anonymous said...

Today i was in Truth or Dare too :) i would like to pass by Diva bas till when r they there?

Confashion said...

I can't wait to see the picture of the things you got! and happy birthday to you dad :)

Anonymous said...

mashallah ur parents have a wonderful relationship ;)

and 7adich ra7 etfalseeeeeeeeeeen in italy hehehee

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thanks alot for reading :)

vyyvaa thanks alot u 2 mashalah great woman thanks 4 your advice, as u said no shopping cuz i want to have fun that`s it .

zahra she will be there till friday , i didn`t take the names heheh about the link , i remember collage no playgarism heheh and thanks again

Ansam thank u dear enshalah i will go to milan thanks thanks for diractions

telda thanks again but i will keep writing in english it is my blog :)

yara the will be there for the weekend

Confashion thanks u and i love love your blog

Enigma hehehe ya i know myself ;0 entaay 9a7