Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dubi To Venice

we re in dubi now waiting for our flight to Venice :) we have to wait more then 8 hours :( i thought we will find reservation at the hotel but it`s fully booked "it`s my fault )

now we re stying at the lounge ,love the airport here walah

-i bought Ok magazine that includes Eva`s wedding :)

love u J for being so patient with me

guys i will stop posting :)
i will miss u all


Ansam said...

We will miss you too..
Have fun and enjoy your vaccation

Ansam said...

errr vacation :-P

Ra-1 said...

Have fun :)

eshda3wa said...

enjoy :)

vyyvaa said...

enjoy it alot alottttttttttt girl... and explore all italy dont just sit in venice :D

remember it takes talent to get lost in venice... so just explore without looking at maps.

Chicken Soup said...

have fun 7abeeeebti witroo7oon witridoon bisalamaaa! enjoy it :D