Sunday, July 01, 2007

be strong

remember my friend , whose her lover ditched her !! he invited her to his wedding , in other words his evil sister did :( oh my god how could people be so rude like that , and the sister send a msg to my friend`s mom !! but her mom did replied to her in way that degrade her in a polite method ;)

God help her i know it is hard . but she is strong i know that . she told me : شنو يبوني ايي ارقص يعني "الفرية "
loooooool walah tha7ktnee

so am trying to talk to her and not letting her think about him she said she`ll send him a msg telling him how rude they r i told don`t ever think about it there God and he is the only one whose going to help u forget o ra7 e3wathich enshalah

plz "B" i know u r strong and u`ll get over it i know that


Ansam said...

I feel sorry for B.. I hope its not too hard on her, and good for you telling her to ignore them. Sending a message wont do any good sara7a.. I hope she listens to you

Anonymous said...

I Feel so bad for her. At least the idiot I knew did'nt invite me to his wedding!

Anonymous said...

Isara7a, I don't feel bad for her because most of the time, ishabab isawoon chethe. I never ever had a warahum ila il 7ache w 3awar iras. W 7eta lo yakhthich, ra7 ishek fech. My mom always told me that oo its true.

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks all enshalah she will get over it

anonymous he was not a boyfrind they were engaged

Desert Girl said...

God tests us all. Sounds like He is showing your friend that something better is on the way; and that she shouldn't marry into that hailag family anyways!

I heard a story recently about a Kuwaiti woman whose husband asked her to take out a 50,000 KD loan so that they could have construction work done on their house. When she got the loan, he took the money to marry a 2nd wife!!!! Personally, I am so vindictive that I would have stayed married to him and made him live an eternal hell... starting with waking up to find his willy super glued to his leg.... but that's just me. :)