Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are they Kind ???

Few days ago i read a post in it `s called the kind kind , how amazing when i found lots of similarities in men , i don`t know should they be that kind ???? i am suffering from the same problem but i don`t know if i have to talk or no , i know it is ok to give his family but now he is responsible of me , he is giving money i know that , but in some cases i am supporting him in some stuff , so why don`t they help ?? we don`t need any money from them but plz don`t ask 4 money mashalah they got the money why they r doing that . Once his dad noticed that he got bounce at work he started to annoy Jojo ee ana a6albek gabel sena 75 K.D and also ..... kd .......kd.......kd Oh my God he is your Son ?????? shnoo hatha ???? i really was shocked how poor is their family relationships .

So nothing to do they r his family but i feel sorry for him , thanks God i was not raised in that way o ya rab i want a healthy family full of love yaaraaab


el_fad3a said...

ur definitely right about " ana a6albek " thing ,,, especially if the speaker is ur own dad @_@ !!!

May GOD help him ! and don't forget kel shay eb ajrah , and also it showes that he's "bar" eb ahalah ,, which is a good thing cuz elly mafeh 5eer eb ahlah ma feh 5eer bel nas :)

but my advice to you ,,, Never tell him that ur uncomfortable with his generosity towards his family , bc u & he will have kids insha ALLAH , and eventually he'll get tired :)

My best wishes
nice blog BTW ;)

Anonymous said...

elfad3a made me think of something we all have difficulty with... patience ! ya3ni u and i are recently married, soon to be a year in my case. the husband has not yet had that huge pressure of responsibility as a married person because of many things
1. we work
2. we dont have children yet.
3. and in ur case, u live with his family.

thats not our mistake that we work, but why r u delaying pregnancy ? ( i wish if Ot changes his mind, he still doesnt want kids).

try and make a monthly financial plan for ur husband, convince him to you want to do it so he can pay his debts (car gas6 and the likes) earlier than they should so he can start a small business.. and when u sit together to do that financial plan, put one of the categories (your name) and along put jam3eya, fuel, phone bills, ...etc, and put categories of "family support" and "emergency needs" that way he will feel the importance of HOW MUCH he needs to give you, and he will need to limit his family support by a nice round number, and remember that number doesnt have to be paid every month, only when they absolutely need it.

if u want to discuss this more, i can send u the excel sheet i use,

Ansam said...

I like that you are very rational and not a person who takes decisions really fast. Your situation is hard :-( I dont know what to say but to be patient and in time inshalla you will have your new place with your hubby all by yourselves.. inshalla inshalla soon.