Monday, July 30, 2007

Baaaaaaack from Venice

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dubi To Venice

we re in dubi now waiting for our flight to Venice :) we have to wait more then 8 hours :( i thought we will find reservation at the hotel but it`s fully booked "it`s my fault )

now we re stying at the lounge ,love the airport here walah

-i bought Ok magazine that includes Eva`s wedding :)

love u J for being so patient with me

guys i will stop posting :)
i will miss u all

Friday, July 20, 2007


- i am preparing our bags , i always got nervous before i travel it is a habit i always have that feeling of forgetting something or "ma yamdene aswee shay " feeling .

- i passed by the new jareer woooow mashalah it is really huge wanasaaa

- "ربي واحد و ريلي واحد " a phrase by Grandma :) heheh we were teasing her of getting married again :) she is over 80 mashalah i love her

hmmmm i feel busy madree leesh

Thursday, July 19, 2007

nails make over

guess what i have nails :) hehehe today i went to nail club that located in jaberya , i am a nail biter so i did nail extensions and my hands turned from baby hands to a lady hands : )

u have to try it it`s very calm nice clean place i love it there

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

very tasty dinner

Last night i had dinner with my family , my hubby and mother in low at "Soog Almobarekeya " walah i really had fun , the food was tasty 7ada we start eating and eating till we`re full hehehe to be honest i couldn't sleep but sometimes gathering with family and enjoying my time opens my appetite :)

- i don`t want to gain weight again :( <---stop eating

as usual jojo likes to take snapshot , the camera is with us every were hehehe

bas walah i really enjoy it

- i went to my friend`s reception she had a baby boy :) wanasaa , only in kuwait you see women are dressing up in hospitals , because of these receptions i hope this habba will end when i get pregnant enshalah cus i feel it`s really hard for any girl who just delivered to stay all these hours welcoming people oooof ta3aab walah

MY new dress

remember the dress that i bought from my friend "aljawhara " when she was at diva ?!?!?!? mashalah i got it now o shaklaa ewanes , mo wayed 7loo bas ewanes my plan is 2 wear it the first day of ramadan lama nroo7 nbarek enshalah instead of wearing dara3a .

plz plz give me your opinion , i am going to wear it with legging ( because of Hejab ) and still i am not sure what color shall i use for the Vail ,

but i found something hmmmmmm i went to "sooq alsalmeya " city center o i was shocked i found the same material of my dress 5 K.D only" the one in the window image " !!!! thag khlige and i called my mom she said : البنية مالها شغل اهي تشتري الخام من الكويت و هم المحلات نفس الشي

ya she is right and also my dress is embedded with Swarovisky crystal that `s why it costs 45 KD but still m7traaa hehehe ha shryakom ???

Saturday, July 14, 2007

gbk Review

at the end of our avenues shopping trip we went to our favorite restaurant "GBK" we loved the food and the atmosphere in the Marina branch so we were really happy when they opened one new branch near us , but something bad happened ta ta ta ta taaaaaaaaaaaa

we ordered what we usually order : falafel and gbk fries with garlic mayo and chilli souse , cheese burger for jojo and a joiner burger for me . we were talking and gossiping and talking again and talking again and again then J noticed that the couples next to us arrived after us and they already get their order @@@@ then another family received their appetizers and still we didnt get any thing accept the cola so J got mad ( for the first time usually am the crazy one ) and called the waitress she went inside and came back telling us the food is coming J was angry we waited for 10 minutes more then she brought the burgers i told her we ordered starters ?!?!?!? she was shocked and i noticed that they don`t know what to do so j told me to get up he don`t want to eat anymore so we get out he was going to pay for the drink , but they refused i m not sure if they say sorry or not hmmmmm no manger came 2 us and i guess they wont tell him ;)

i love the burger there but i hate this experience , i am not sure if i am going to be fare by rating this time
we had dinner at ashaz :) <---- i am going to gain weight again heheh

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Missing U

Yesterday we were busy , both of us we didn`t see each other all day , at the end we get back to each other and we were full of passion , to be honest " i loved the feeling of missing you " enshala 4 ever

God bless U

i love U so much "J"

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged \stuff from sultan center

i`ve been tagged by Vyvvaa to shot 5 things from sultan center , to be honest i went to carefore to buy my groceries

so sample "

1- Lance - clothes comforter waaaaay a7laa mn Comfort nice smell that last .

2- boxes of Aquafina Water <--- we drink alot of water

3- Herbal essences shampoo

4- Nescafe Frappe

5- Foot Cream from : Neutrogena ( mo 6abee3ee )

Eva Longoria's Wedding Bootcamp Workout\ her dress

wooooooooow i can`t waite to see her wedding pic , i love her walah but i was shocked when i noticed that her husband is only 25 @@ , wooow hard work i didn`t do anything b4 my wedding hehehe i was sleeping all the time running away from reality

Edit : Thanks for dear ansam for giving me the link to a fan web site so that i got th dress :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I went out with my hubby for lunch , we love to try new places every time so we choose Black & White in Qurtba , I loved the design it was 50s style it was all black and white so it looks really unique , there wa s this T. V that show old movies walah it was fun J

The food was fresh but I didn’t like the service I don`t know they look hmmmmmm daykheen J over all it`s cool place to try , i loved the news paper like menu

My rate : 3.5 \5
JoJO`s rate : 4

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are they Kind ???

Few days ago i read a post in it `s called the kind kind , how amazing when i found lots of similarities in men , i don`t know should they be that kind ???? i am suffering from the same problem but i don`t know if i have to talk or no , i know it is ok to give his family but now he is responsible of me , he is giving money i know that , but in some cases i am supporting him in some stuff , so why don`t they help ?? we don`t need any money from them but plz don`t ask 4 money mashalah they got the money why they r doing that . Once his dad noticed that he got bounce at work he started to annoy Jojo ee ana a6albek gabel sena 75 K.D and also ..... kd .......kd.......kd Oh my God he is your Son ?????? shnoo hatha ???? i really was shocked how poor is their family relationships .

So nothing to do they r his family but i feel sorry for him , thanks God i was not raised in that way o ya rab i want a healthy family full of love yaaraaab

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fashion Tour :) Dad`s Birthday

Yesterday i took a fashion tour :) i went to Diva house Karizma and beet alsharg , i bought a very nice dress from my Friend "Al-Jawhara" <---the name of her designs , i was just going to check out what she had cuz she invited me , o this is my problem ast7ee aroo7 7ag wa7da a3refa cuz if i didn`t like what she had i will feel bad not to buy from her , but mashalah from "Aljawhara" i loved all her collection it is so class , so i ordered one dress enshalah i will post it as soon as it`s done . so u got go she is in Diva. also i bought a very nice "Lafa" from a girl next to her , mashalah love the style . Oh my God i love clothes and i can not resists nice stuff , as Jojo told me i have to stop so i can have fun in Venice .

Then i went to Beet Almzr to check on " Truth and dare " woooooow mashalah very nice stuff love them love them but "t3watht mn eblees" cuz ive just spend almost 90 K.D so khlaaaaa9 but enshalah i will buy that "sushi lover " top enshalah , it`s worth it u have to visit .

today is my Dad`s birthday :) 7abeebe i love him so much so i decided to invite him to lunch at " Shate`e Alwa6eya Restaurant " i prefer going out to dinner but my did never eat after 6 P.M that is why mashalh he at the same weight since he married MOM 75 :) but he refused to go out ygool it is too hot , he didn`t get it that it is his birthday o last night when i was talking to him about he keept telling me mabe aroo7 , o it`s hot , .........o lots of excuses , at the end he give me the real one " let`s waite till your mom come back ( mom is in 3omra with my bro) " ahaaa i get it now U DON`T WANT TO GO ANY WHERE WITHOUT HER :) mashalh mashalah y rab i could reach at least Half of the Love they had to each other

Love U Dad :) And Happy birthday

* Truth and dare image is from

Sunday, July 01, 2007

be strong

remember my friend , whose her lover ditched her !! he invited her to his wedding , in other words his evil sister did :( oh my god how could people be so rude like that , and the sister send a msg to my friend`s mom !! but her mom did replied to her in way that degrade her in a polite method ;)

God help her i know it is hard . but she is strong i know that . she told me : شنو يبوني ايي ارقص يعني "الفرية "
loooooool walah tha7ktnee

so am trying to talk to her and not letting her think about him she said she`ll send him a msg telling him how rude they r i told don`t ever think about it there God and he is the only one whose going to help u forget o ra7 e3wathich enshalah

plz "B" i know u r strong and u`ll get over it i know that