Saturday, June 16, 2007

that`s why we r Great

i don`t know what is wrong with me i feel really empty and i don`t know what to post ,

So enshalah i am going to Venice on July , how did this idea just pop out ? i know that jojo not that much with traveling , cuz in his family do not travel they always spend their vacation here in Kuwait " Shaleeh " or whatever , even when he grow up he didn`t travel that much except going to Dubai and Bahrain , so i feel that he don`t know how to arrange a trip and he feels that`s difficult , i am the opposite we were never ever spend the summer in Kuwait only when i got to collage and i started taking summer courses but also after the summer courses i travel .

i am the one who book the tickets , i am the one who arrange the trip programme i am the one who do most of the steps , sure i started to do all these things after i grow up, b4 mom and dad were in charge :) they r happy that i can handle all these stuff

so for my trip i did everything , searched online for the best deals and i got a great deal For Venice on Emirates online , searched for the hotel and booked i did everything and arranged everything ............................ is it right ????? so i went home that day i don`t know what really happened then i explode on him that i am doing everything i got tired and u have to put your hand and and and etc..........

hmmm i am a drama queen but he must changed , so i decide to let him do the visas and i am waiting , i print put the applications get the address for him and yalaah work .

i am not sure if what i am doing is right hmmmm but i can`t Waite for him to change walah

he told me something last night : walah lo a3ref aswee elee entay tsaweenah chan saweet walah hmmmmm "learn" i responsed . he said : walah ana wayed proud of you and your parents and how do they raised u and gave you the confidence .

i love you JOjO but please try


Anonymous said...

does he read ur blog?

Twilight said...

Aww Venice is such a romantic place =) Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

hun. its ok to plan the whole trip. as u said ur husband is inexperienced in this sort of thing. but soon he will be, this trip will teach him alot of things.
let him do simple/responsible things, like changee the money to euros, take the passports to a traveling agency and they do the visa for him (ya3ni he doesnt have to go to embassy, and it cost 45kd for each, for one month). let him pick the hotel with u, see it .. and see if he is comfortable.. tell him interesting facts about italy that he enjoys (like cars.. racing.. sea trips.. any thing, u know what he likes). if there is an activity in italy that he loves, he will definitely want to see and be part of. dont worry he will love italy, and so will u... but seriously no shopping plz:D

as for ur trip, tell me how many days, all in venice? and when?

Missy said...

aww how romantic! enjoy ur trip ..:D

Anonymous said...

i bet he can't read.