Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Rehab

i guess we r hearing this word alot on celebrities gossips , the place that cure them from alcohol and drugs addiction :)

i love in an area called Rehab , in one of my posts i wrote abot the Irony of the word Rehab and one comments about where is the irony

the images is the best explanation , it `s called Rehab , but it is the worst place ever , i don`t know how could people live in such areas , the problem with the people themselves , they have no morals they r rude and dirty the don`t mind to through trash in the road , everyday i had fights in the street with women , men , kids , drivers , they don`t care about their country walah

once the summer holiday started kids are in the streets till midnight waaaaaay i hate them

a7laa shy so close to the avenues that`s it hehehe i want to write more but am at work and i have lots of things to do

i took this image on sat at 9:30 this kid is starting his holiday with such a useful hobby


shoosha said...

makoo 7adeeeqa 3ammah in your area? safer than the share3

Anonymous said...

throwing trash from the window?? welcome to kuwait newqpride!

there are families who believe that the street is the biggest teacher/so they dump their kids to be raised by the street.

NewQ8 Bride said...

shoosha : agoolich shaay , jadreen enaah el garden ele tkoon dakhel el freej wa7ed mogasemhaa o he rent it 2 3eazbya ?!?!? so no way those kids yg3doon b 7adeega 3ama

vyyvaa: those families never raised their kids

Organic Kuwait said...

this is my seonc time in ur blog.. i love it :)

Anonymous said...

You are shoe-tagged :)