Wednesday, June 06, 2007

mean Girls

oh my God i can not belive that there r mean girls in real life oh my God ,

plz God let her go away she`s hurtin me and she is not stopping i am trying to avoid her but she keeps trying to contact me in every possible way , she is not in kuwait she is abourd with her husband so she is online all the time traying to chat with me in the msn , she can not understand "Brb " or " away " or "busy " if i didn`t response to her he keeps text massging me ooooooooof i can`t stand it any more

please God help me khalhaa tenshgel b anyone else plz

1 comment:

Sara said...

madry 3a mino tetkalemain.. bs a3arf hal sho3ooor y3ny ana 7a6a "away" y3ny fehmaaaw! entay zain t'6el tet7acha !! ana 3ndy banat etha ma rdaait 3alehom oooooh ysawoon ge9aa9 oo tdezly msg teshrah 3aley o entay 7agratny o nasyatny oo film hendy!! y3ny we are away aw busy aw brb or in the phone!! re7moona !!

7asssa bsho3oorich sis .. alla y3eenich :/