Monday, June 04, 2007

long time :)

Long time no posting :) busy busy

i am going to Venice enshalaah :) vavvya really makes me ashta6 :P

pink moon , the online shop is now opend , never buy anything but they have great styles :)

Go Pink


Confashion said...

I've been to the store.. it's very nice :)

shoosha said...

allah venice!! you'll love it i've been there a couple of years ago and its AMAZING!! you have to ride the gondola with ur happy ooo dont forget the myth ;) you have to kiss under each bridge you go under..
hope u have a blast :*

Sara said...

troo7en o terje3een bl salamaa sis :> have fun

NewQ8 Bride said...

confashion :) thanks

shoosha waanaaasaaa i loved the myth idea ;)

sara thanks dear