Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lazy me & Gym

i am starting a new era in my life , Sport , in my hall life i was this skinny lazy girl , i never play sport i never move , even at school i never participate in any sport activities , i was so thin and skinny that`s why i thought why do i need to play sport ??? i am not fat

after i got married i gain weight :( lot`s of weight . JOjO keeps telling me to join a gym and every time he told me that i got mad on him <-----d3laaa , he says that sport will change my life and once i started will never stop .

so last week i came home and i found a note on my pillow with an envelope telling me that he wants me to try to join the gym only 4 one month then i have to decide , inside the envelope he kept the money for me hmmmm i felt bad walah so khlaaaaa9 i joined the gym for 3 months , it`s been 2 week since i started and yes i can not skip a day :) i become more active and fresh and i am happy :) thanks Sweety i can see how happy u r in your eyes love you so much 7abeebe :)


shoosha said...

il7imdilla ur going everyday :S ana noo3i ibser3a amel faa i go the gym for one week straight oo baas amel and never go again.. bas i'm always the type of person that wants to be like ppl in the movies, " 6aggat going to the gym everyday" :P
hope you keep it up ;)

Anonymous said...

oh nooooo... does that mean i'll gain weight when i get married? :/

Nora-Cassandra said...

I got addicted to gym after going there for 1 year in Finland!! I can’t live with out it any more!!! Go girl make yourself proud!!! That’s how I feel every time I come back from a hard day in the gym!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a gym and i go there nearly everyday :) which gym do u go to?

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks alot :) u r ga3deen tashaj3oone :)

engima hope not ;)

nora thanks dear

yara i joind la famme in alkhaldeya

Sara said...

new bride 3afya 3aleeech el faal ly soon enshala, next month i'll join u:D zain tsaween wala a7sanlich men el kesel o ga3dat el bait :D o shloona ur nady? feh swimming pool?