Thursday, June 28, 2007

shoe tagged

i ve been shoe tagged by yara , and i choose some of my favorite shoes :) unfortunately i am stying at my parents home this weekend so most of my shoes r my home , the golden sandal was the most favorite , the color fades out but i didn`t throw it hehe , i am not wearing it anymore but i still keep it :) the second one is amazing for weddings parties i love it , and the third one a7eeeebaaaaaa moreeeeeeeeeeeeee7 7adda

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Rehab

i guess we r hearing this word alot on celebrities gossips , the place that cure them from alcohol and drugs addiction :)

i love in an area called Rehab , in one of my posts i wrote abot the Irony of the word Rehab and one comments about where is the irony

the images is the best explanation , it `s called Rehab , but it is the worst place ever , i don`t know how could people live in such areas , the problem with the people themselves , they have no morals they r rude and dirty the don`t mind to through trash in the road , everyday i had fights in the street with women , men , kids , drivers , they don`t care about their country walah

once the summer holiday started kids are in the streets till midnight waaaaaay i hate them

a7laa shy so close to the avenues that`s it hehehe i want to write more but am at work and i have lots of things to do

i took this image on sat at 9:30 this kid is starting his holiday with such a useful hobby

Monday, June 18, 2007

Gulf Bank

الموقع : فرع بنك الخليج - العديلية

التاريخ : الأثنين الموافق 18/6/2007

الوقت : الساعة 7:50 دقيقة صباحا

نزلت البنك عشان اسحب فلوس طبعا لما دخلت شفت الموظفات و الموظفين مداومين ماشالله بس مسكرين الباب قاعدين يسولفون على ما يبطلون الباب قبلي كان في وحدة كبيرة قاعدة تسحب ، خلصت المرا و قعدت اسحب انا ، مسكينة اهيا راحت عند الباب الزجاج تبي تكلمهم طبعا الموظف الشهم يا عند الباب من ورا الزجاج جان تقوله لو سمحت ابيك تعلمني شلون ادخل فلوس بالمكينة لأني ما اعرف تتوقعون شنو رد ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ اسف ما اقدر الساعة 8 نفتح !!!!!! جان تقوله انت بس علمني و امش لأني ما اقدر ارجع ، جان يرد عليها الموظف المثالي اسف ما اقدر الساعة 8 نفتح !!!!!جانت تقوله الله يخليك .......توها بتكمل جان اناديها قلتلها تعالي خالتي انا اسويلج العملية كلها ما خذت مني دقيقتين !!!!!! وايد احتريت و عصبت و تضايقت لما قالتله الله يخليك شنو هذا ؟؟؟؟ وين خدمة العملاء وين المعاملة الزينة شنو ما تستحون ؟؟؟؟ يعني المرا كبيره و تترجاك !!! و بعدين خل الأمانة و الوظيفة و ين الرجولة و الشهامة ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ وايد احتريت و انقهرت و ماله داعي هالوقاحة و مادري على شنو شايفين نفسهم انتو قاعدين تشتغلون حق الناس صح ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

وايد ضايقني هالموقف وايد و احتريت

Saturday, June 16, 2007

that`s why we r Great

i don`t know what is wrong with me i feel really empty and i don`t know what to post ,

So enshalah i am going to Venice on July , how did this idea just pop out ? i know that jojo not that much with traveling , cuz in his family do not travel they always spend their vacation here in Kuwait " Shaleeh " or whatever , even when he grow up he didn`t travel that much except going to Dubai and Bahrain , so i feel that he don`t know how to arrange a trip and he feels that`s difficult , i am the opposite we were never ever spend the summer in Kuwait only when i got to collage and i started taking summer courses but also after the summer courses i travel .

i am the one who book the tickets , i am the one who arrange the trip programme i am the one who do most of the steps , sure i started to do all these things after i grow up, b4 mom and dad were in charge :) they r happy that i can handle all these stuff

so for my trip i did everything , searched online for the best deals and i got a great deal For Venice on Emirates online , searched for the hotel and booked i did everything and arranged everything ............................ is it right ????? so i went home that day i don`t know what really happened then i explode on him that i am doing everything i got tired and u have to put your hand and and and etc..........

hmmm i am a drama queen but he must changed , so i decide to let him do the visas and i am waiting , i print put the applications get the address for him and yalaah work .

i am not sure if what i am doing is right hmmmm but i can`t Waite for him to change walah

he told me something last night : walah lo a3ref aswee elee entay tsaweenah chan saweet walah hmmmmm "learn" i responsed . he said : walah ana wayed proud of you and your parents and how do they raised u and gave you the confidence .

i love you JOjO but please try

Thursday, June 07, 2007

cheep and tasty

JOjo is a burger fan , so we love to try new burger restaurants <---- new habba in kuwait , our favorite is "Burger Hub ", "Burger gourmet "and Johny rockets , still we did not try slider station or black and white . Tonight i decided to try cheep burger restaurant hehehe it`s in the strange area that i am living in now :) Rehab <--there is an irony ;)

i tryed the burger and i got impressed it `s soooooooooooooooo tasty mo 6abee3eya , juicy and it tastes amazing also the fies remind me of my high school fries i love it i gave it 5\5 ;)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

mean Girls

oh my God i can not belive that there r mean girls in real life oh my God ,

plz God let her go away she`s hurtin me and she is not stopping i am trying to avoid her but she keeps trying to contact me in every possible way , she is not in kuwait she is abourd with her husband so she is online all the time traying to chat with me in the msn , she can not understand "Brb " or " away " or "busy " if i didn`t response to her he keeps text massging me ooooooooof i can`t stand it any more

please God help me khalhaa tenshgel b anyone else plz

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lazy me & Gym

i am starting a new era in my life , Sport , in my hall life i was this skinny lazy girl , i never play sport i never move , even at school i never participate in any sport activities , i was so thin and skinny that`s why i thought why do i need to play sport ??? i am not fat

after i got married i gain weight :( lot`s of weight . JOjO keeps telling me to join a gym and every time he told me that i got mad on him <-----d3laaa , he says that sport will change my life and once i started will never stop .

so last week i came home and i found a note on my pillow with an envelope telling me that he wants me to try to join the gym only 4 one month then i have to decide , inside the envelope he kept the money for me hmmmm i felt bad walah so khlaaaaa9 i joined the gym for 3 months , it`s been 2 week since i started and yes i can not skip a day :) i become more active and fresh and i am happy :) thanks Sweety i can see how happy u r in your eyes love you so much 7abeebe :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

long time :)

Long time no posting :) busy busy

i am going to Venice enshalaah :) vavvya really makes me ashta6 :P

pink moon , the online shop is now opend , never buy anything but they have great styles :)

Go Pink