Thursday, May 24, 2007


Women in Literature are presented in various ways , a woman appears as : a wife , mistress , nice girl , widow etc…… in other way she is presented as a queen , strong working woman , independent and a wife with pride , during my study at collage , I explored different types of art that related to women issues , I got attached to specific novels and poems which I felt that they really touched my soul and let me sank into deep thinking , and gave me a new vision to the world around me . My study shaped my personality and gave me a clear start point to begin my real life after graduation , feminist is what I am after Graduation , I can have discussions with other people and prove my point of view with some evidence and quotation from different literary works , I know that literature is not real it is imagination , parody ,irony and more , but with literature u can change someone’s life .

Feminism is the thing that changed my life , made me thinking of everything happened to me , and to think 10 times before I take any decision in my life , to know if my choice is going to obliterate me or it is going to add something to me as a woman , at the beginning of my relationship with my husband now , he faced lots of difficulties dealing with me , I explained to him that being a feminist does not mean that I am anti- masculine but is to be me , and to have my own life , character opinion and self respect . Thanks God he understands what I am. And he started to encourage me although in some situations we still argue about.

I feel bad if I heard stories about women weakness, how naive they r that they think that being a well-mannered woman is to get married to the first man proposed to them, not continuing their studies, not to work, and to be a slave –sorry but I couldn’t found other word to describe her - I am not encouraging them to rebel against their families , but to have a role to have a choice . To build a family is not to destroy your life , I am not critical of women staying at home but I am against them if it is not their choice , I am against women who do not want to improve themselves , get a degree , study , you r not sure that your man is going to be with you all your life , so get a back up plans , and if your man noticed that , he will Respect you , and this what women needs from men Respect before any other emotions .

Women you have the right

You have the right to study .
You have the rights to choose if want to have kids or no .
You have the right to work .
You have the right to spend a time alone with yourself .
You have the right to enjoy : go to the gym , spa , dinner with friends …..
You have the right to express your opinion .
You have the right to write your diary “ with out letting him reading it “.
You have the right to be Respected
You have the right ………….
You have the right ………….
You have the right…………..
You have endless list of rights so think about them .try to change your life .

Read and think about the meaning between the lines :

This Is Just To Say
I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

By : William Carlos Williams

R u going to accept that ????? this time he ate your plums , what next ???? your life ?!?!?!?!?

( this massage is a dedication to my friends in English literature class 1999 we are great successful women now & to my great open-minded husband : )


Anonymous said...

i realy liked your post, but what do you if you are abused by the man you love ?! Do u stay or do you leave ?! What if you can't and it's not that easy to.. Do you stay and take the abusing ?!

It's still hard what your saying..

Anonymous said...

one of ur best posts :)

Anonymous said...

newq8pride. this is by far ur greatest post, i love every single word, i support every single word. and i praise u, and with u i say congratulations to the girls class 1999 and every one who took feminism as support system all their lives. i respect those who educated them selves, who believed after thorough mind wondering. its the right thing

love it, love it, love it. and love ur quote!!!!

u know what? im gonna put ur post on my cubicle wall for all to read and to learn from. i wanna extend more on ur list of our rights

women have the right of financial independence, and not to even report about it.

actually, since i started to wonder about feminism, i believed every thing is possible. thank u so much for such an enlightening post. (abeeh i wanna cry lol)

shoosha said...

great post walla :) 7addi im an advocate of woman's rights etc... thekartich while reading an article of Kuwaiti women playing football!! the caption says something about " 9araw ib majles il omma oo ga3deen yamsekoon mana9eb,, oo now kora?" ee now kora :) eshfeekum!!
ughh!! earfezoon il 9a7afa, check it out ib al watan malat elyoum