Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wanasaa, snow white theme :P

7adeee happy by your comments and ideas :)

Yara : Write dear . o take your time :) nabee nstfeed ;)

vyyvva : ya it is the family conference , walah it was nice although fe ashy`a kind of wired i will talk about it later . :) i can not go with him cuz he is with the team and they r going to dubi by cars :) so we3 7adee mabee aroo7 . bas tabeen el 9ij i miss him :(

eshda3waa : loooool tha7ktne heheh tkhayaly aswee the night theme " racing cars " :P heheheh what should i ware ??

fwai7 : waaay miss U 7abebtee :) heheh enshalah when u get married ra7 tshofeen lama ysafer broo7a o yrja3 how he misses U so hatha el shaay el7loo :) o 9a7 klam fairy ma yla7thoon el highlight never heheh

Tooth fairy : looooove your ideas :) but ma y9la7 el roof in the area i am living in heheh 3la 6ool bluetooth :P o as u said they never notice the highlight or the hair cut :)

Talking about ideas , we were talking at work about these stuff and i was shocked heheheh ambeeeeeeeeh they gave me some kinky ideas heheheh "Shd3waa" waayed her idea tyanin hehehe

one of the girls told me "by the way she is monagaba and wearing 3abay " what about "6arazan" ??? i said shnoo ???? shno ya3nee 6arzan ? galat ya3nee tsween your room forest and u were tiger o blah blah blah ambeeh she was talking and i was just imaging jojo`s reaction looooooool oh my God he don’t like hal7arakaat

another theme :) other girl "wearing 3abaya but not negab " she is kbeera not young and fat she said that she always do nights for her husband so she made a small stage, buy some colored flash lighting and become " Shakira" @@ laaaaa`a nooooooooooooooooo i will never do stuff walah i will laugh heheheh

then she told me shryesh tsween "بيضاء الثلج " what ??snow white ??? laaaaaa so i have to lay in my bed with no movement waiting for my prince to kiss me to wake up ???? heheheh he will think that i am sleeping so he will watch TV :P

i know every women should do romantic things to her husband bas mo chthee i don`t know but i feel women are degrading them selves like that hmmm but maybe their husband r asking for these things .

thanks Gad my hubby is not like that :)

he believe that romance comes without any preparation , he loves simple things , he prefer me wearing girls boxers and sleeveless shirts more than lace and sexy lingerie’s , my friend’s husband is the same :) ashwaa i was scared at the beginning I thought there is something wrong with JOjo but we think that they love this style cuz they want to feel that we r not only wives but we r also girlfriends :) i guess .....Hmmm


Extinct Dodo said...

honey, you can't tell the difference between snow white and sleeping beauty?

thats sad

Anonymous said...

dearest, you have not yet tested your husband to know if he is into those or not.
the ideas tarazan and snowwhite, some men do go for it tara.. thats why the girls (regardless of their attire and background) mentioned them.

its really cute boxers and sleevless, but if u come to think of it, thats wht u see on tv in the bedroom, they dont wear sexy lingere or customes.. they were Pj's and they look awesome. but thats just for one scene or two or ten, but it would wear off and u need to come up with new ideas for ur own comfort. its not degrading at all!
i tell u what, when u buy a new set of clothes dont u feel good? so is the case when u make a change in ur night life, it always is scary and hard in the begining, but u dont have to do stuff u dont believe in (like obviousely tarazan and snowhite) u can do stuff to the room itself, fill it with balloons that are stuffed with small letters of love from you, pour leaves of flowers on ur bed (and dont even think of the cleaning .. it will put u off lol) instead of boxers try skirts, instead of skirts try mini dresses, instead of all that try an evening dress like ur going to ur best friend's wedding or something. one of my friends works always with her dishes and glass ware, she keeps making him drinking sessions, where different colored fruit drinks are displayed into strangely designed glasses. ya3ni the sky is ur limit. u can box a gift for this in ten boxes and put messeges inbetween each and every one..

but dont lock ur self in one look just because u both are comfortable, sometimes u want to change just to know what he likes and what he doesnt.

good luck :)

Anonymous said...

extinct dodo,

they both end with a kissing scene by a prince when she is asleep/stuck on an apple !
its sad u missed that:)

eshda3wa said...


o theres kinky, then theres a mis-dated haloween party

what should u wear for the race theme

a helmet ofcourse!
oh oh and i once saw these sexy panty thingies, madre wain bs they had a picture of a gas handel thingy and is said " fill me up"

yeah baby!

EXzombie said...

someone just told me about the issue here, so don't bother your self I'm not checking this page again.....!!!

the idea of me comming home from a long trip to see my wife asleep is stupid, and would be irresponsible, just wait for me by the entrance and show me how you missed that is enough and should be enough, if I wana have sex I won't care if you were wearing a dishdasha or cow outfit, besides princess dress is fuss we don't need, it'll take time to go around things and doing stuff, and I want to see everything, we also like to eat, so I advise to focus on the food, and smell nice, be naked we like that......!!!

a man...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You have a very nice blog in here, keep it up, i like you ideas and subjects :)

Can't wait for the next post !


the tooth.fairy said...

Ummm i agree with many of the things said here.

Don't try too hard, and in the same time don't leave not trying at all.

I tell you what, subscribe to Cosmopolitan magazine and they give you new ideas for you and your partner every month.

An example:

You give him a bunch of empty papers (blue or any color) and you take a set also (pink or any color different than his)

you write stuff that you would like him to do for you, anything, and he does the same. you can play it while sitting on the bed to make things easier :P

And then you fold them, mix them, and start the game !

Simple, easy, fuss-free !

and there's nothing wrong with wearing a cute lacey lingerie ! i agree with vyyvaa, why wear boxers all the time. Do a cute babydoll. it's sexy, sweet, and simple !

Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

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