Tuesday, May 01, 2007

waaayed things

- I attend the First Gulf development Conference in Sheraton Hotel :) my manger had a presentation and we prepared the presentation for her mashalah it was nice :)

- I got "Emtyaz " in my employee report:)

- thanks all 4 your comments :)

- jojo`s is traveling to U.A.E today :( car race again

but i am going back to my home heeeya also i am thinking to surprise him when he come back

any ideas ?????? help


Anonymous said...

ahlen :) enshallah yred bel salamaa... 3ndi eshkether ideas etha ketabt-hom hnee mara7 akhale9 :(
ye3temed ay yom byerja3

Anonymous said...

yara plz... fedina khethi ra7tich in writing.. i know ur thinking MAKEOVER.. wanasa 7adda girly thing :D

q8pride, isnt that the conference about osra and tarbeya? tell me how is it , do u like the lectures?

and.. how can u let him go alone !! ana lo mokanich chan i tied my shoes with his :))

eshda3wa said...

shift el title waaaayd things gelt bagra 3 pages worth of posting

i agree with vyvva
i so would have gone with him!

you should turn ur bedroom into a raceing ring and have him chase u :Pp~

Chicken Soup said...

LOOOOL @ eshda3wa ;P

oo u should never let a man travel ibrooo7a! dayman 5alay reelich 3ala reela :P car races are fun!

oo when he comes back.. you can try a new look.. cut/layer your hair.. or saway highlights or something..

you can recreate ur wedding night lama he comes back hehehe go to the airport in a very nice dress and when you guys come home, libseela very sexy stuff oo pamper him.. give him a massage (fee edible massage oil ib la senza!) and make him a yummy dinner oo feed him in the bedroom.. let him have his fun oo go crazy ya3ni :P madri hehehe maybe yara has some better ideas

the tooth.fairy said...

looool at "eshda3wa" very kinky huh? :Pp 3aib hal 7achi :P

well i would suggest that you get a ticket to go somewhere the weekend that he comes.

Or simply, if you have a nice roof, plan a late night candle lit dinner on the roof if the weather is nice.

very romantic.

OR go all the way to UAE and surprise him there :P just make sure to call him and make sure he's there ;p

the tooth.fairy said...

oh and i forgot to say, highlights and hair cuts are not VERY much noticed by guys,it's something girls do and notice within eachothers.

So try something else ! ;p