Thursday, May 03, 2007


usually i don`t like to go out on Thursday but i have nothing :) no Jojo and also my friends r not free so i wen with mom , my sis and my bro to the Avernus it was fun

i am invited to a wedding party oh my God i god tired this month lots of weddings and receptions really i was not in the mood but i have to go

i had a shower , blow dray my hair so i was going to do hmmm madree shnoo bl English " buff " heheh i always do it all the time but i don`t know what happened to me ooof i can not make it :( my make up was perfect walah waaayed 7loo but my hair sucks , it is 9 P.M i am not done yet mom get angry on me heheh she was shouting but shasweee :) she left me hehehehe

anyway i had fun stying at home just resting :)

bacher i am going out with my friends waaay we r going to Nino <-----waaay mn zmaaan ma r7naaa :)


Anonymous said...

Thursday is a jungle! Everybody is out to eat and you did the best thing is staying at the comfort of your house, hope u have fun with ur Friday lunch :)

Cherrie said...

Hope you had fun despite the crowds!