Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Long time :) i feel empty :) nothing to write , just wanna thank you all who read my post about women and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot 4 encouraging me :) love you all xoxoxoxox

i found this web site www.taw9eel.com it is funny an on line supermarket old idea but i found helpful sometimes when u r stuck and u can`t go out to buy what u need ;) u`ve been through it girls ;)

any way hmmmm that`s it


shoosha said...

OMG we9alna lai il daraja illy we have people send our groceries home!!! lool walla its soo funny

Sara said...

LOOL ywanes el site thanx alot :> 5osh 5edmaa 7ag el 7alat el 5a99a .. mathalan wa7da bshaqa broo7ha rayelhaa 6ale3 aw msafer wel baby broo7a bl baait ma tegdar t-heda so ta6leb ely tbeeh men el jam3eya online .. WOOOW wanasa :D

Shukraaaan new bride :D

Anonymous said...

u can buy condoms hahahaha! sorry, so immature of me


Anonymous said...

Try www.maachla.com , it's even got more variety than taw9eel!!!