Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am so excited when I read your comments friend’s thanks for spending your time reading and commenting 

Extinct dodo: I don’t think you don’t know?????

Vyvvaa: I loved your ideas  u know that I can’t wait to read your posts in your blog so I can cheat some ideas and stuff

U r right some men r in to these things but I know JoJo he is not  he loves me to simple and girly as u said I wear skirts and dresses as well he loves that

Eshda3waa  hehe tha7ktenee walah, nice try ;)

Exzombi: thanks for your time although u r not going to pass by again 

I don’t agree with u in the point that men don’t care what women r wearing while “making love “ I love this phrase not the one u mentioned , it is “makrooh “ in Islam to be naked and more over men really noticed I think 

Reem :) thanks

There r lots of things I want to post about, I am going out now, later I will

One final thing: JoJo I miss u so much, I couldn’t sleep last night really Love u


Purgatory said...

Why do you make a new post just to comment on comments?

Acting Moderator -

eshda3wa said...


i love how u actually post ur replies and not just re comment

allah yredlich jojo belsalamah inshallah

Anonymous said...

u said [it is makrooh in Islam to be naked ] is that realy true ?!?!
i've never heard of that before, it kinda sounds weird ;/

Anonymous said...

reem, she means in the marital bliss, a husband and wife are encouraged to enjoy each other in every way possible, but they should avoid lookig directly at each other's most intinamtes, both though should maintain smoothness and cleanliness. thats what q8pride meant, it is makrooh to be completely nude and clear to the husband, vice verca too.

Anonymous said...

STILL it doesn't make sense to me !
How can they enjoy each other and not
lookig directly at each other's most intinamtes ?!
Again [it is makrooh to be completely nude and clear to the husband] then how do they "make love" !!

I'm confused ;/