Wednesday, May 16, 2007

random post

- i had my hair cut i did finally :) mashalah mashalah mashalah everybody is telling me it`s look amazing heheheh wanasaa JOJo was shocked he told me never ever let your hair long again heheh wansa :)

- i can`t stop thinking about that death of this 22 years old girl "Dalal " , she`s been killed by her maid :( i don`t know her but i can not stop thinking about her alaah yr7mhaa .

- how come a successful man who got a great career, high educational degrees , well mannered , can be loser in his social life @@ i know that person and i feel sorry from him :(

- What`s wrong with U (sis) ??? why keep isolating yourself from the family ?? what`s wrong with u ??? i want u back really ?? i didn`t change after i get married i was trying my best to keep everything as it is and even my husband never told me regarding calling u all the time and regarding my frustration attempts to get u back to us ?? even mom is complaining !!! U r my only sister plz do not shut me out of your life plz plz


Sara said...

- na3eeman :> enshallaa Doom mestansa :>

- I know her o tawny shayfat'ha b7aflat el ta5aroj malat eljam3a .. Alla yer7mhaa oo y'3amed ro7haa el jana o y9aber gloob ahalhaa :'/

- Hathy leq8 9al 3ala el neby .. alla kareem enshala ..

- Alla yahdeeha enshala oo terja3 e5tich lich o methel makanat o a7san enshala :>

Anonymous said...

na3eeman! change is (usually) nice :)

Maskeena this girl.. I guess people have to learn to treat their maids properly. They are human, after all.

Anonymous said...

Na3eeeman :)

about dalal sheft el e3lan bil jam3a everywhere :( bas maktob 7adith i thought car accident ..
Allah yer7mhaa..

Chicken Soup said...

na3eeeman!! im so glad you like at and that jojo likes it! :P heheh shawagteeni i wanna cut my hair bes a5aaf :(

i just heard about this story today :/ bes mako jarayed katbeen 3an ilqe9a illa kuwait times wrote a little bit.. Allah yr7ma wygameth roo7ha iljanna

oo about ur sis, call her up and talk to her! maybe she needs to talk to someone aw it6alle3 7arrat'ha oo itgool illi fgalbha :) go out with her to dinner and have a good time and try to find out whats bothering her.. winshallah mako illa alf 3afya :)

Anonymous said...

first, i knew the hair cut would ROCK!! congrats hun.

dalal.. god rest her soul in peace, another reason not to have a maid.

the man... no comment really..

ur sis, i totally understand.. i have had (and may still)the same situation, but in time and tolerance.. it will be ok, trust me.. just one of u has to be SOOOOO forgiving and acceptable of what ever comes, and it will be ok.

eshda3wa said...


and yeah the girl... allah y3een ahalha oo y9abrhum
allah yr7amha