Saturday, May 12, 2007

my weekend :)

first of all i want to thank you all for supporting me , i felt really sad that day but after posting i and reading your comment i felt much better .

I am so happy that i have great people like guys that i can such great advices from them you don`t know me personally so i know your judgments wail be neutral .

i showed my support to him but i never ever encourages him to act aggressively towards his dad i keep telling him that he is your father and he loves u , even that u can`t stand each other he loves u . also i talked with his dad , and he listened to me !! that`s why i told jojo the road to your dad is open if u just changed your way of communication that`s it :)

Jojo`s comfort with my family came without any forcing from me walah i didn`t expect this relation el7amdelaah even his mom is telling me that she is happy that he merges into my family even tra his brother so we r one family now :) el7mdelaah

i can not move out to be honest with you i will never found an apartment as big as mine now with a good reasonable price and also he don`t want to leave he keeps telling me all the time cuz there home is empty as i told u before , moreover he thinks that i will be safe if am stying alone when goes out for dewayneya or something .

back 2 my weekend , it was full of "3azaayem " we had a dinner gathering at my home , to some of my parent`s friends mashalah it was really nice , and mom mashalah she loves preparing such events we really had fun :)

Friday was (F)wedding akheeeran heheeh :) she had been through lots of struggling and break ups and 3waar galb bas thanks God she got married mashalah she was gorgeous her wedding was so classy o everything was perfect , Simple <---i love simple weddings , we had lots of fun , just one night b4 the wedding i was talking to her and she was telling me that she didn`t imagine that she is going to get marry without a love story , she always hates arrange marriages i told her what did u gain from falling in love all these years ??? pain and "6ragat " so shut up . open your heart and u `ll fall in love with him , she is obsessed with models and her husband as she told us short , ugly and not the man that she dreamed of , so when we saw him last night mashalaah 7ada mamloooooo7 , ya he is short but akhaaf she is tall heheheh
mashalah they match to each other and i am sure she`ll love him to death enshalah :))

a7laa shay my hair color is back :) i covered the highlights and i am back jojo`s felt happy he said he loves it like that dark brown close to my real hair color black :) now i am having this crazy idea i wanna hair cut :) so any ideas all my life i had long hair with layers so i wanna change now :)

Victoria Beckham ` hair cut :````( amaizng i love it but i guess i gave to be tall so i can have it 9a7 ??? i am not :(


Chicken Soup said...

il7mdilla 3ala ur nice weekend :) i'm glad you enjoyed it oo 3al baraka to your friend (F) :D my cousin got married this weekend too she's so happy il7mdilla.. oo when they get old together, looks wont matter - as long as he treats her with love and respect oo yi7i6ha bi3yoona, thats all that matters.
im glad jojo is feeling better :) sb7an Allah ilnafs tirtaaaa7 lama u see the one you love mirta7.. i know that feeling :) il7mdilla
dontttt get a haircut!! so many times i wanted to get a haircut bes 7abeebi killa yigoolli "a7la shay in a girl is her hair!" so dont cut it.. but even if you want to cut it, it doesnt matter if you're short. the victoria beckham cut is more about the shape of ur face.. if you have a thin long face it looks nicer and artab..
but i dont like short-short hair :( ask jojo and see what he thinks :D its always nice to have a mans opinion..
have a good day at work!

eshda3wa said...

hey sweetheart
glad u had a nice weekend
oo mabrook 3ala your friend

as 4 ur hair cut, it all depends on the shape of your face so shoofay if it fits you, or if you go to a really good hair saloon ask the lady oo ehya etgoolich

its always nice to change your style :)

EniGma said...

mbrook for ur friend! inshallah his personality will compensate his height and looks..

as for your in laws.. you have to decide what is more important.. If you are not comfortable, and you are having too many problems with them, then raa7tich is more important than money and space. You have to compromise. If you there are just a few problems here and there, then te7amilay, it's nothing.

I believe that at the beginning it is a good idea to stay with the family. Then when you're older, more responsible, and better off cinancially you can move out.

vyyvaa said...

ilove short hair. boyish with a girl twist, victoria bekham does it best. she is an amazing girl