Monday, May 07, 2007

ice cream at work :)

my colleague (N) always comes with surprising idea , so today she brought a large ice box full of different kinds if ice cream , i couldn't resist , i tried to not have any , but i couldn't :) the weather and the feeling of the summer makes me want to more than one but " ta3watht mn eblees " hehehehe

i started dieting today again cuz JojO is starting a diet 2 so i will support him ;P i keep teasing him that i am just doing the diet for fun :P i reached my ideal weight hehh but i want to loose more so i can be in the safe side i just need 3-5 kilos enshlah i will do it :)

i went to IKEA , alone i didn`t want JoJO to come with me i cant shop really , i did a nice makeover to my bathroom and my bed room , i get back home be4 him so when he arrived he got shocked and loves what i did , i feel Happy when i so this baby look in his face heheh so i told him " yalaah 3ad khal nshoof el closet next month " :P heheh ga6eet nagzaa :)

he is not ignoring me i know that but i have to repeat what i need more than one time and i have to keep repeating , everybody is telling me that this is normal all men r like that hmmmm annoying but at the end he`ll do it i know it :)

love U dear

by the way i trued to do " the well comeback "7arkaat heheheh , i did nothing :P ast7ee and also there r some workmen at the house so the atmosphere was not encouraging hehehehe just gave him his gift and we really had fun then :)


eshda3wa said...

i LOVE kdd ice cream, i can never have only one!
when im back home the freezer lazim matroooos, dasha 6al3a eb eedi ice cream!

u mean no helmet! :(


garat 3ainich :*

Anonymous said...

7amdelah 3ala salamta o garat 3ainich :)

Shoush said...

Allah, Columbia! My favorite! ;D Makeovers are soo much fun; there's nothing better than a change once in a while! Oo garat 3ainich. :)

Sara said...

Garat 3ainich :>

aaa5 shwagteeny yabeeela ice cream KDD .. 3alekom bl 3afyaa mako 3ala thahab o farawla o sandwitch :> heheeh

Anonymous said...

alaaah a7la shy il ice cream :D

o 7imdelah 3ala salamat jojo

Chicken Soup said...

garat 3aaainich :D
oo 7mdilla 3ala salamat raylich :)

hehehe how cute i love redecorating my room bes im stuck madri shasawiii! ikea has nice stuff but i also like zara home their sheets and accessories are SO nice!

ICE CREAM a7la shay bidinya hehehe :D you should buy an ice cream maker and surprise jojo and make him some ice cream at home for both of u to enjoy :)