Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How could they ?:(

when i heard your voice i got terrified , there is something wrong with u , i know u jojo don`t tell me there is nothing .

you had fight with your dad again , oh my god , b4 i was blaming u for not trying to contact with him but now i noticed , it`s not you , it is them . i started to hate them , they can not do that u dear , he hurts u , what does he want really tell what ??? he is taking money from you shyabee ba3aad ???

kil marrah yga3d ygool hathaa beetee , ya sure i know it is your home but for god sun he is your son , ma 9art maleena walah lo ygoool shaay jdaamee walah ma asket walah

jojo i know that u were crying <---mo 3eeb elryaal yabchee mn el 7arrah ele feek , galbee 3awarnee when u told me that u love talking to my father cuz u wish that your father treated u just the way my dad is doing with my brothers . u broke my heart when u told me u wish your family just like mine

7abebe my family is yours really don`t feel bad i`ll do anything for u and no one ever will hurt u again , i feel bad really :( i love u , and i am with u , i am your family , no one will ever eythaygik

i don`t know what did i write and what i am going to write i feel bad really :( u r sleeping now i am looking at your face and i can`t stop my tears from falling i know u feel bad that i saw that reality of your family how can they do that how can they ??

Update 9:18 am : i was checking the comment on my previous post this anonymous commenter really gets me annoyed , to comment on me and my spelling mistakes is ok for me i didn`t bother myself to replay cus i believe on the freedom of opinions and i am polite enough to accepts others point of view , but when u disgrace others who reads and comments on my posts , that`s mean it is the time for me to take an action i delete your comment and moreover no more anonymous commenter's by the way he is reading all your blogs walah cuz he comments about them , so plz get a life <----- ana 7adee ma39baaa so 7a6eet 7arrte heheh


Anonymous said...

that was heavy ;/ the only thing a person cannot choose is his family.. He should love them no matter what, at the end ohma elyrabbooh oo t3abaw 3alaih, but sometimes it is better to stay far away.

Wish u the best :**

Anonymous said...

Why don't you and Jojo move out to an apartment wayed a7san. Jojo can get 'badal ajar' but if you live with his family you won't get it.

Sara said...

hmmm maby agol 6el3ay .. akeed arya7lekom enkon testeqeroon fe bait bro7kom bs hal shy ymken yefta7 3alekom bab thany men elmashakel so alla kareem .. elmohem enich t'6eleen yam jojo o togfeen m3ah oo alla y3adeha 3ala 5air enshala ..

eshda3wa said...

sweety why dont you move out?
ymkin etha kintaw eb3aad tet7asan el3alaqa

staying at his parents dosent seem to yray7a

wntay wat can you do except ethadeena... allah kareem... hathaila ahala, nothing he can do about them, but he certainly can do something about the two of u

Yara said...

el post 3awar galbi :( 7aaaadiiii 7asa feech sweety...

Enshallah allah yakteb eli feh el khair..

Chicken Soup said...

awwwww 3awartay galbi.. i know how u feeel lama 7abeebi yitnajar wiya his parents oo yidig 3alay i know he's upset bes he always says "ma feeni shay" but i know him too well :( 9ij riyayeel ilq8 family is so important to them..
7mday rabbich ur family loves ur husband oo uhwa 7sbat waladhum because its nice to feel loved and wanted..
as long as you're there for him hatha aham shay.. intay murta oo 7abeebta oo kilshay fa without you, he'll be lost
thats why you have to stay strong. try to make him feel better and try to make the situation better for the both of u.. dont spend so much time at home, and if its possible, spend the weekend at a mnutaja3. you'll both have fun and get away from the meshakel for a while :) latbayneenla innich mthayga because ur supposed to make things better, not pull urself down with him lamma he's sad..
when he wakes up tomorrow make him breakfast and go out, have a picnic or take a drive to the shaleeeh or something, ilmohim inkum ti6li3oon min ilbeit oo t'3ayroon jaw.. uhwa he'll feel better and clear his head :)

sorry for the long comment ;** bes 7addi i relate to u waaayid :P hehee

Shoush said...

I'm so sorry to hear ur going thru a rough time with his family. I agree with Enigma, u can never chose who ur family are. Oo Allah wa9ana ib bir ilwaldain, oo mahma can they r his parents oo rithahom min ritha Allah. Allah y3eenkom inshala oo yafrijha 3alaikom soon. Jojo is lucky to have someone like u by his side. Allah lay'3ayir 3alaikom inshala.

vyyvaa said...

here lies the advantage of moving out.

even though ur support is appreciated.. but girl be careful, tdoor edenya and the guy may have trouble with his old man, but a father is irreplacable by any other, u may not be aware of everything, u didnt live the 20something years he lived with his family, so in the matters when u r sad.. u only remember the awful things people do to u, especially family, try and let him focus on the magical stuff they did for him. i dont agree with u in letting him find comfort in ur family, its a temporary drug, from which he will only feel less. he should mend it with his family for as long as he can, its a hard thing. no one said keeping family ties is easy.