Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Gap \ Banana Republic

next week at the avenues the launch of the Gap and Banana , i got an invitations to attend both openings on Sunday and Monday , nancy 3ajram is going to be the guest of honour in gap

i want to go but hmmmmmmmmmm jojo says that he don`t like to attend such things hmm shall i start a fight ???? it is not worth it but walah i want to go :( heheheh i know 7adee kesrt kha6raa i know that hehehe he is watching me now heheheh but no i will never do it 7raaam i know he will let me go but i wont do anything that he don`t like . he never say no to anything i can hang out with my friends any time so ma ra7 a3aned 3laaa halsalfaa hehehe

so ...... that`s it :)

my lenses torn inside my eyes , and i didn`t ordered earlier so i have to stick to my glasses :( i look 3abee6a and i look like 16 years old my high school days :P

got to go .......


Anonymous said...

wansa how did u get an invitation ? !!!
seriously, ditch jojo and go girl :D


its going to be za7ma :| r u up to that yeswa u go stubborn on an invitation I think :-)

Sara said...

wanasa shay 7elo astanes 3ala nancy .. bs tara 7ada ra7 y9eer za7maa o looya so sem3ay kalam jojo a7san men el za7maaa wel looya :>

NewQ8 Bride said...

vyyvaa can U do it ;) heehehe i guess no ma y6aw3ich galbich heheh

pinkjawbreaker :) ee walah ma yswaa i know that bas ham wanaasa

sara me 2 astanes 3aleeha 7adee
thanks all

Anonymous said...


If ur not going.. Give me the invitations ;$ Tehehe


lol @ fayoora