Sunday, May 06, 2007


My friends thanks for your lovely comments :) Everything in life fades away except the nice words that give supports and fresh start for the day as I always check my blog every morning, thanks thanks again for your time :)

I read your blogs 2 and I really found it a great way to get experiences from others and learn from others life.

My friend became a bridezilla, her wedding is next week and I really hate what she is doing to herself, it is not worth it, I know you r going to be confused it is normal, but not to get mad on everybody and to stop calling your friends this is exaggeration, I hate those girls who forget their friends and cousins when they get married, don’t tell me u don’t have a time come on

b4 I got married I thought that ya they must be busy , but when I get in to it , I found it’s really normal , u have time to call them or at least text massaging them , really I am spending my time with him but also I didn’t cut off my relationships , at least don’t call send a msg <-----thanks for the technology , I am sorry for that but when u at the toilet send your msgs <-----this is a privet moment I don’t believe U r busy with him at the toilet :P

so girl it is normal no need to panic have fun and enjoy the moment and keep your social life in your mind cus after sometime being stacked to your husband u`ll get bored and u`ll start to call them again but they will never be the same :) people changed .


eshda3wa said...

ur right
i dont get why some girls when they first get married forget the rest of the world

and why for some reason they all turn into 7alema boland
kel 7acheehum y9eer saye7

Anonymous said...

esdha3wa, speaking of 7aleema boland, yesterday we were at strbucks elbidi3, and there is this girl who stepped out a mercedes with her man and all were like: 7ALEEMAA!!!

turned out she is a lookalike, copied the hair, the make up, the style.

3ad ma adre 3an asaya7an ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

looooool eshda3wa and vyyvaa u r right girls ,

all girls want to be 7aleema come on ,

mn 7bnaa laha bnwafer laha <---men r taking her advice hehehe my dad is one of them

Sara said...

LOOL el coppies ely men 7aleema matroseen bl deera o i dunno why ?? yse7oon bshakel mo 6abee3y hatha mo dala3 hathy malaqa @@

o bl nesba lel banat ely yensoon el denya o ma feha wagt el zwaj ma 3ndohom salfa mahmaan kaan ohma refejaty o methel ma geltay msg 3al aqal lo bl 7maam bl sayara ay mokan ay wagt !

y7leeli shfeeny enfa3lt wayed hehehe ;p