Friday, May 04, 2007


Dearest Abdullah

Shall I call U Abdullah , or 3aboode as I always do ? tonight I was thinking about U and about the days that we have been through , when I first meet U I was really disappointed I still remember that feeling , the dryness inside my throat which hurt me when I tried to swallow . , he is a boy I told myself , I want a girl , I hold dad’s hand when he lead me in to see mom after her operation she was tired she didn’t talk to me she didn’t even look at me . I was small almost 4 years but I don’t know how I can remember this situation and I can not forget it .

At this day I noticed that I will still keep my imaginary sisters with me  when u grow up I remember treating u as a girl , do u remember our game “welcome my princes “ تفضلي يا اميرتيand of course u were the princes not me :

Then “S” arrived and I had a sis heheh I am not the only girl anymore : )

Back 2 u when we grow older I noticed why mom was treating u differently she told me how the doctors told her that u r dying inside her womb and they r trying their best just to safe the mother , U r Unique even your way to enter the world was different your hand comes out first and u got stacked causing mom to be in a very difficult situation hehehe strange : ) mom felt that she lost u but mashalah u r a life heheh after hearing this story I looked differently at u , I can not loose u , I have to take care of u and to be sure that u r safe : )

Every member in our family did the same , u r the spoiled one , and enta she6an u noticed that : )

Remember your early years in schools , how u annoyed mom hehe u hated math and u did stuff that mom can’t stand she kept shouting and screaming and then she hugged u , U r Unique .

U r growing up and our love to u is growing more , I remember when I change your hair look by using hair gel lifting it up you forehead , drawing moustache on your face imaging u r growing up and u were really silly at that time also daloo3 :P sleeping in our room with me and “s” cuz u were khawaaf and u keep imaging sharshabeel

While u r growing up your personality started to show and appear to us , how kind u r , how sweet , how naive u r , u r “white “man , so pure , waaaaaayed 6ayeb , u can not sleep if anyone of us is mad on u 7yateee so sweet .

Remember your first day at collage ????? I was senior and it was your first year , I meet u in the “show street “as u called it heheh an the art collage I saw my sweet little 3abood walking and holding your L.V file --I remember that u insist that you want it : ) telling u the truth tears comes to my eyes , I saw girls who r older than u smiling at u and looking at u hehehe I am telling my self ambeeh ma ydroon hathaa 3aboody heheeh mashalah u look older than u r , u r tall and handsome 2 
And still u r a child , thinking like a sweet kid , u thought that everybody is thinking like u that all people r pure and good , u got shocked from people , u ve been hurt by others and this hurts me , but mashalaah I feel that God is protecting u because u r a good man :) I need hundreds of pages talking about u 3aboody

Now u r preparing your papers to start your job enshalah I just wanna hug u 3abood my little brother is going to work and started to “ t7en “ about getting married hehheehehe

Alaah ykhleek lena 3abood o ya7fthik o ya7meek God bless u enahalah

But remember u r still my little 3aboode 


Chicken Soup said...

anonymous coward, you're not forced to read her posts. jeez, wtf is with you people, leave the girl alone! she can write however and whatever she wants. you dont see people parading on your blog telling you what to write and how to spell things. the important thing is the message she gets across. everyone else seems to get it except you, so f**k off!

q8brideee i just wrote the same thing bes 7ag 7abeebi lana wayid wayid ga3da a3a9eb 3alaih these days.. oo kil atnarfaz minna so i wrote a list of the things i love about him hehe mako shighil!

anyways, having a brother around (or a male-figure) is so important walla because some things you just need a man there for, and some things you cant tell anyone but your brother :) brothers are the best. Allah yi5alleekum 7ag ba3ath oo ya7fethkum inshallah :)

Anonymous said...

allah ykhlekom 7ag ba36' inshallah!

anonymous- this is a blog, it's not an Philosophy seminar. Do you have a blog? Why don't you let us see it? Is it perfect?

Anonymous said...

fwai7 o enigma ma gassaro,
anon u're not only a coward, but also stupid! how can u call grammer erros as a sign of shallowness and an empty-mind!!!!! oba3dain look at ur own mistakes moron! "whats so called jojo is aboard for a hobby while he cant afford buying a closet. what an amazing contradiction.

aboard ha? la 7elo walla.

eshda3wa said...


this is such a sweet post!

i keep thingking of my little bro 3abood, except hes not young anymore and so not little
i can so fit into his pocket

allah ykhaleelkom 3aballah oo ya7fetha inshallah oo telgoonlah bint el7alal ele willmake him happy

Anonymous, u r a total loser
get a life :)

EniGma said...

hahaha vyyva exactly! his/her comment is full of mistakes, and he's telling her to take an english class! ana agol he shud kill him/herself

Cherrie said...

That was a lovely story to which I can only partially relate, since I am an only child.

I am saddened others don't see the beauty in your writing, and hope they have the decency to leave this space to those who do.

Shoush said...

I just finished reading ur whole blog from the very beginning. I really enjoyed reading ur posts. :) I feel really happy when I come across a cute couple like u and ur husband. Allah y5aleekom 7ag ba3ath inshala wiwafigkom. Oo Allah y5aleelich o5ooch oo yi5aleech lah inshala.

As for "anonymous", madri mino 6aga 3ala eeda oo gayila read this blog. Its her blog oo kaifha, taktib badliya, chinese, bil magloob.. its her blog, sheesh.

New Bride dear, 3a6i 6af. Continue blogging and sharing ur experience. I'll be coming back for more, that's for sure. :)

Sara said...

hi .. el 9ara7a ur blog wlaaa arwaa3 mashalaa ayaanen ayenen .. gareta keella ma 6awaft 7arf ... alla y5alelich 3boodi o y5aleelich jojo o ywafgich ,, 7ada ywanes ur post o estamta3t wayed o estefadt menna :> o 7ady kayaft lama grait "show street" ely g'9aait fe a7la ayam 7ayaty :>

keep it up .. hope 2 read more postd :> take care sis

Anonymous said...
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