Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Long time :) i feel empty :) nothing to write , just wanna thank you all who read my post about women and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot 4 encouraging me :) love you all xoxoxoxox

i found this web site www.taw9eel.com it is funny an on line supermarket old idea but i found helpful sometimes when u r stuck and u can`t go out to buy what u need ;) u`ve been through it girls ;)

any way hmmmm that`s it

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Women in Literature are presented in various ways , a woman appears as : a wife , mistress , nice girl , widow etc…… in other way she is presented as a queen , strong working woman , independent and a wife with pride , during my study at collage , I explored different types of art that related to women issues , I got attached to specific novels and poems which I felt that they really touched my soul and let me sank into deep thinking , and gave me a new vision to the world around me . My study shaped my personality and gave me a clear start point to begin my real life after graduation , feminist is what I am after Graduation , I can have discussions with other people and prove my point of view with some evidence and quotation from different literary works , I know that literature is not real it is imagination , parody ,irony and more , but with literature u can change someone’s life .

Feminism is the thing that changed my life , made me thinking of everything happened to me , and to think 10 times before I take any decision in my life , to know if my choice is going to obliterate me or it is going to add something to me as a woman , at the beginning of my relationship with my husband now , he faced lots of difficulties dealing with me , I explained to him that being a feminist does not mean that I am anti- masculine but is to be me , and to have my own life , character opinion and self respect . Thanks God he understands what I am. And he started to encourage me although in some situations we still argue about.

I feel bad if I heard stories about women weakness, how naive they r that they think that being a well-mannered woman is to get married to the first man proposed to them, not continuing their studies, not to work, and to be a slave –sorry but I couldn’t found other word to describe her - I am not encouraging them to rebel against their families , but to have a role to have a choice . To build a family is not to destroy your life , I am not critical of women staying at home but I am against them if it is not their choice , I am against women who do not want to improve themselves , get a degree , study , you r not sure that your man is going to be with you all your life , so get a back up plans , and if your man noticed that , he will Respect you , and this what women needs from men Respect before any other emotions .

Women you have the right

You have the right to study .
You have the rights to choose if want to have kids or no .
You have the right to work .
You have the right to spend a time alone with yourself .
You have the right to enjoy : go to the gym , spa , dinner with friends …..
You have the right to express your opinion .
You have the right to write your diary “ with out letting him reading it “.
You have the right to be Respected
You have the right ………….
You have the right ………….
You have the right…………..
You have endless list of rights so think about them .try to change your life .

Read and think about the meaning between the lines :

This Is Just To Say
I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

By : William Carlos Williams

R u going to accept that ????? this time he ate your plums , what next ???? your life ?!?!?!?!?

( this massage is a dedication to my friends in English literature class 1999 we are great successful women now & to my great open-minded husband : )

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Gap \ Banana Republic

next week at the avenues the launch of the Gap and Banana , i got an invitations to attend both openings on Sunday and Monday , nancy 3ajram is going to be the guest of honour in gap

i want to go but hmmmmmmmmmm jojo says that he don`t like to attend such things hmm shall i start a fight ???? it is not worth it but walah i want to go :( heheheh i know 7adee kesrt kha6raa i know that hehehe he is watching me now heheheh but no i will never do it 7raaam i know he will let me go but i wont do anything that he don`t like . he never say no to anything i can hang out with my friends any time so ma ra7 a3aned 3laaa halsalfaa hehehe

so ...... that`s it :)

my lenses torn inside my eyes , and i didn`t ordered earlier so i have to stick to my glasses :( i look 3abee6a and i look like 16 years old my high school days :P

got to go .......

week end

How is the dusty weekend :) heheh welcome back Kuwait's summer ;)

we celebrate My sis 21st my birthday on wed :) i bought littletrat-q8.com cupcakes , they r amazing i loved the taste and the way they `ve been decorated , sooooo cute and tasty :) moreover Nowf the owner is amazing , tyaaaanin mashalah mashalh she is patient , cheerful and helpful she is one of the reasons that encourages me to order again :) 6aba3n my mom told me tra hath easy o u can do it at home , i know but i can`t bake anything :P there was some comments on the price hmmmmm ya may be but 4 me it is worth it :)

i decided to try a new thing , on the weekend we re going to sleep in the living room on the floor :) really it is fun and it is kind of changing routine , so i woke up and noticed how bad the weather was , so i hugged jojo and told him 7abebe no zwara no going out 2day we`re stying home , relaxing :)"i told him if want to go it is up 2 u dear " but i can not go out in this weather .

it was the greatest weekend ever since i got married we always spend our weekend visiting families but this time was really different we`re doing nothing just relaxing and having fun ;) i was really happy and enjoying my time that i prepared nice lunch for jojo :) hehehehe walah it was great weekend

my mom left to Tunisia , she is going to attend a conference there and i was worried about her because of that bad weather that delayed most of the flights

enshalah trja3 blsalaamaa :)

i am going to have new plan , not every weekend we are going to make family visiting it is ok to skip some days right ??? sometimes i skip my visiting "here i mean my visiting to my grandma , aunts and uncles " so it is not a big problem if he skips his .... we need a weekend for us :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

random post

- i had my hair cut i did finally :) mashalah mashalah mashalah everybody is telling me it`s look amazing heheheh wanasaa JOJo was shocked he told me never ever let your hair long again heheh wansa :)

- i can`t stop thinking about that death of this 22 years old girl "Dalal " , she`s been killed by her maid :( i don`t know her but i can not stop thinking about her alaah yr7mhaa .

- how come a successful man who got a great career, high educational degrees , well mannered , can be loser in his social life @@ i know that person and i feel sorry from him :(

- What`s wrong with U (sis) ??? why keep isolating yourself from the family ?? what`s wrong with u ??? i want u back really ?? i didn`t change after i get married i was trying my best to keep everything as it is and even my husband never told me regarding calling u all the time and regarding my frustration attempts to get u back to us ?? even mom is complaining !!! U r my only sister plz do not shut me out of your life plz plz

Monday, May 14, 2007

how kids r thinking these days ??

i guess all of u noticed how kids are thinking these days , their role models , their interests and also the way they talk and communicate with others . how could parents deal with the strange ideas that enter their minds and brain and effect them morally , it is hard to raise kid now really .

even if u try to raise your kid perfectly , to inculcate morals and rules on them the outside atmosphere will effect them and it may create boundaries between u and your kids , u `ll be the old-fashion narrow-minded parent !! personally i will be depressed if my kid thinks about like that . what made me thought abot this topic ,was my conversation with my niece , she is 6 years old , her favorite game is to log on the Internet goggling images !!! for example she writes her name and goggle it , and watch the images that appear under her name . i remember on her age my favorite game was playing as laundry owner "Man" @@

she was using my laptop that`s why i am googling with her :

مومة : حطي حطي اسم "م-م" خل نشوف شنو يطلع ؟؟
انا : منو هذي بعد ؟
مومة : هذي رفيجتي بصفي واااي تهبل تهبل (هذا كان اسلوبها ترى
انا: شنو تهبل انتي تهبلين بعد .
مومة : واي لا لا لا اهي ويها -وجهها- ما في شي
انا : شنو يعني مافي شي؟ مافي عيون ما في خشم _طبعا انا العمة قاعدة استعبط و قاعدة اكلمها على اساس انها ياهل بأولى ابتدائي
مومة :واي الحمدالله و الشكر من صجج ؟
اناطبعا تفشلت من ردها و جوجو قام يضحك علي :ها شنو الحمدالله و الشكر يالله عيب انا عمتج -طبعا ردي هذا من الشعور بالفشلة :)
مومة : يعني كل شي بالويه صغير و راكب على بعضه ماكو شي غلط ماشالله

i was shocked !!!!!!! kids on the first grade knows that the look is the most important thing in life (today) i don`t remember we ever think about that when we were kids ?? we don`t judge people by their look ?? i heard her once talking on the phone with her frind (3eshtaw) about hair cuts and how one of the girls had a bad hair cut cuz her hair ( mo na3em ) :(

this is sad , they r not living their childhood , walah i was wondering after 10 years how girls are going to think ???

i read and article on Glamour sayes" we can not blame little girls for dressing up and acting sexy like adults if "Bratz" r their role model !?!?!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

my weekend :)

first of all i want to thank you all for supporting me , i felt really sad that day but after posting i and reading your comment i felt much better .

I am so happy that i have great people like guys that i can such great advices from them you don`t know me personally so i know your judgments wail be neutral .

i showed my support to him but i never ever encourages him to act aggressively towards his dad i keep telling him that he is your father and he loves u , even that u can`t stand each other he loves u . also i talked with his dad , and he listened to me !! that`s why i told jojo the road to your dad is open if u just changed your way of communication that`s it :)

Jojo`s comfort with my family came without any forcing from me walah i didn`t expect this relation el7amdelaah even his mom is telling me that she is happy that he merges into my family even tra his brother so we r one family now :) el7mdelaah

i can not move out to be honest with you i will never found an apartment as big as mine now with a good reasonable price and also he don`t want to leave he keeps telling me all the time cuz there home is empty as i told u before , moreover he thinks that i will be safe if am stying alone when goes out for dewayneya or something .

back 2 my weekend , it was full of "3azaayem " we had a dinner gathering at my home , to some of my parent`s friends mashalah it was really nice , and mom mashalah she loves preparing such events we really had fun :)

Friday was (F)wedding akheeeran heheeh :) she had been through lots of struggling and break ups and 3waar galb bas thanks God she got married mashalah she was gorgeous her wedding was so classy o everything was perfect , Simple <---i love simple weddings , we had lots of fun , just one night b4 the wedding i was talking to her and she was telling me that she didn`t imagine that she is going to get marry without a love story , she always hates arrange marriages i told her what did u gain from falling in love all these years ??? pain and "6ragat " so shut up . open your heart and u `ll fall in love with him , she is obsessed with models and her husband as she told us short , ugly and not the man that she dreamed of , so when we saw him last night mashalaah 7ada mamloooooo7 , ya he is short but akhaaf she is tall heheheh
mashalah they match to each other and i am sure she`ll love him to death enshalah :))

a7laa shay my hair color is back :) i covered the highlights and i am back jojo`s felt happy he said he loves it like that dark brown close to my real hair color black :) now i am having this crazy idea i wanna hair cut :) so any ideas all my life i had long hair with layers so i wanna change now :)

Victoria Beckham ` hair cut :````( amaizng i love it but i guess i gave to be tall so i can have it 9a7 ??? i am not :(

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How could they ?:(

when i heard your voice i got terrified , there is something wrong with u , i know u jojo don`t tell me there is nothing .

you had fight with your dad again , oh my god , b4 i was blaming u for not trying to contact with him but now i noticed , it`s not you , it is them . i started to hate them , they can not do that u dear , he hurts u , what does he want really tell what ??? he is taking money from you shyabee ba3aad ???

kil marrah yga3d ygool hathaa beetee , ya sure i know it is your home but for god sun he is your son , ma 9art maleena walah lo ygoool shaay jdaamee walah ma asket walah

jojo i know that u were crying <---mo 3eeb elryaal yabchee mn el 7arrah ele feek , galbee 3awarnee when u told me that u love talking to my father cuz u wish that your father treated u just the way my dad is doing with my brothers . u broke my heart when u told me u wish your family just like mine

7abebe my family is yours really don`t feel bad i`ll do anything for u and no one ever will hurt u again , i feel bad really :( i love u , and i am with u , i am your family , no one will ever eythaygik

i don`t know what did i write and what i am going to write i feel bad really :( u r sleeping now i am looking at your face and i can`t stop my tears from falling i know u feel bad that i saw that reality of your family how can they do that how can they ??

Update 9:18 am : i was checking the comment on my previous post this anonymous commenter really gets me annoyed , to comment on me and my spelling mistakes is ok for me i didn`t bother myself to replay cus i believe on the freedom of opinions and i am polite enough to accepts others point of view , but when u disgrace others who reads and comments on my posts , that`s mean it is the time for me to take an action i delete your comment and moreover no more anonymous commenter's by the way he is reading all your blogs walah cuz he comments about them , so plz get a life <----- ana 7adee ma39baaa so 7a6eet 7arrte heheh

Monday, May 07, 2007

ice cream at work :)

my colleague (N) always comes with surprising idea , so today she brought a large ice box full of different kinds if ice cream , i couldn't resist , i tried to not have any , but i couldn't :) the weather and the feeling of the summer makes me want to more than one but " ta3watht mn eblees " hehehehe

i started dieting today again cuz JojO is starting a diet 2 so i will support him ;P i keep teasing him that i am just doing the diet for fun :P i reached my ideal weight hehh but i want to loose more so i can be in the safe side i just need 3-5 kilos enshlah i will do it :)

i went to IKEA , alone i didn`t want JoJO to come with me i cant shop really , i did a nice makeover to my bathroom and my bed room , i get back home be4 him so when he arrived he got shocked and loves what i did , i feel Happy when i so this baby look in his face heheh so i told him " yalaah 3ad khal nshoof el closet next month " :P heheh ga6eet nagzaa :)

he is not ignoring me i know that but i have to repeat what i need more than one time and i have to keep repeating , everybody is telling me that this is normal all men r like that hmmmm annoying but at the end he`ll do it i know it :)

love U dear

by the way i trued to do " the well comeback "7arkaat heheheh , i did nothing :P ast7ee and also there r some workmen at the house so the atmosphere was not encouraging hehehehe just gave him his gift and we really had fun then :)

Sunday, May 06, 2007


My friends thanks for your lovely comments :) Everything in life fades away except the nice words that give supports and fresh start for the day as I always check my blog every morning, thanks thanks again for your time :)

I read your blogs 2 and I really found it a great way to get experiences from others and learn from others life.

My friend became a bridezilla, her wedding is next week and I really hate what she is doing to herself, it is not worth it, I know you r going to be confused it is normal, but not to get mad on everybody and to stop calling your friends this is exaggeration, I hate those girls who forget their friends and cousins when they get married, don’t tell me u don’t have a time come on

b4 I got married I thought that ya they must be busy , but when I get in to it , I found it’s really normal , u have time to call them or at least text massaging them , really I am spending my time with him but also I didn’t cut off my relationships , at least don’t call send a msg <-----thanks for the technology , I am sorry for that but when u at the toilet send your msgs <-----this is a privet moment I don’t believe U r busy with him at the toilet :P

so girl it is normal no need to panic have fun and enjoy the moment and keep your social life in your mind cus after sometime being stacked to your husband u`ll get bored and u`ll start to call them again but they will never be the same :) people changed .

Friday, May 04, 2007


Dearest Abdullah

Shall I call U Abdullah , or 3aboode as I always do ? tonight I was thinking about U and about the days that we have been through , when I first meet U I was really disappointed I still remember that feeling , the dryness inside my throat which hurt me when I tried to swallow . , he is a boy I told myself , I want a girl , I hold dad’s hand when he lead me in to see mom after her operation she was tired she didn’t talk to me she didn’t even look at me . I was small almost 4 years but I don’t know how I can remember this situation and I can not forget it .

At this day I noticed that I will still keep my imaginary sisters with me  when u grow up I remember treating u as a girl , do u remember our game “welcome my princes “ تفضلي يا اميرتيand of course u were the princes not me :

Then “S” arrived and I had a sis heheh I am not the only girl anymore : )

Back 2 u when we grow older I noticed why mom was treating u differently she told me how the doctors told her that u r dying inside her womb and they r trying their best just to safe the mother , U r Unique even your way to enter the world was different your hand comes out first and u got stacked causing mom to be in a very difficult situation hehehe strange : ) mom felt that she lost u but mashalah u r a life heheh after hearing this story I looked differently at u , I can not loose u , I have to take care of u and to be sure that u r safe : )

Every member in our family did the same , u r the spoiled one , and enta she6an u noticed that : )

Remember your early years in schools , how u annoyed mom hehe u hated math and u did stuff that mom can’t stand she kept shouting and screaming and then she hugged u , U r Unique .

U r growing up and our love to u is growing more , I remember when I change your hair look by using hair gel lifting it up you forehead , drawing moustache on your face imaging u r growing up and u were really silly at that time also daloo3 :P sleeping in our room with me and “s” cuz u were khawaaf and u keep imaging sharshabeel

While u r growing up your personality started to show and appear to us , how kind u r , how sweet , how naive u r , u r “white “man , so pure , waaaaaayed 6ayeb , u can not sleep if anyone of us is mad on u 7yateee so sweet .

Remember your first day at collage ????? I was senior and it was your first year , I meet u in the “show street “as u called it heheh an the art collage I saw my sweet little 3abood walking and holding your L.V file --I remember that u insist that you want it : ) telling u the truth tears comes to my eyes , I saw girls who r older than u smiling at u and looking at u hehehe I am telling my self ambeeh ma ydroon hathaa 3aboody heheeh mashalah u look older than u r , u r tall and handsome 2 
And still u r a child , thinking like a sweet kid , u thought that everybody is thinking like u that all people r pure and good , u got shocked from people , u ve been hurt by others and this hurts me , but mashalaah I feel that God is protecting u because u r a good man :) I need hundreds of pages talking about u 3aboody

Now u r preparing your papers to start your job enshalah I just wanna hug u 3abood my little brother is going to work and started to “ t7en “ about getting married hehheehehe

Alaah ykhleek lena 3abood o ya7fthik o ya7meek God bless u enahalah

But remember u r still my little 3aboode 

Thursday, May 03, 2007


usually i don`t like to go out on Thursday but i have nothing :) no Jojo and also my friends r not free so i wen with mom , my sis and my bro to the Avernus it was fun

i am invited to a wedding party oh my God i god tired this month lots of weddings and receptions really i was not in the mood but i have to go

i had a shower , blow dray my hair so i was going to do hmmm madree shnoo bl English " buff " heheh i always do it all the time but i don`t know what happened to me ooof i can not make it :( my make up was perfect walah waaayed 7loo but my hair sucks , it is 9 P.M i am not done yet mom get angry on me heheh she was shouting but shasweee :) she left me hehehehe

anyway i had fun stying at home just resting :)

bacher i am going out with my friends waaay we r going to Nino <-----waaay mn zmaaan ma r7naaa :)


I am so excited when I read your comments friend’s thanks for spending your time reading and commenting 

Extinct dodo: I don’t think you don’t know?????

Vyvvaa: I loved your ideas  u know that I can’t wait to read your posts in your blog so I can cheat some ideas and stuff

U r right some men r in to these things but I know JoJo he is not  he loves me to simple and girly as u said I wear skirts and dresses as well he loves that

Eshda3waa  hehe tha7ktenee walah, nice try ;)

Exzombi: thanks for your time although u r not going to pass by again 

I don’t agree with u in the point that men don’t care what women r wearing while “making love “ I love this phrase not the one u mentioned , it is “makrooh “ in Islam to be naked and more over men really noticed I think 

Reem :) thanks

There r lots of things I want to post about, I am going out now, later I will

One final thing: JoJo I miss u so much, I couldn’t sleep last night really Love u

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wanasaa, snow white theme :P

7adeee happy by your comments and ideas :)

Yara : Write dear . o take your time :) nabee nstfeed ;)

vyyvva : ya it is the family conference , walah it was nice although fe ashy`a kind of wired i will talk about it later . :) i can not go with him cuz he is with the team and they r going to dubi by cars :) so we3 7adee mabee aroo7 . bas tabeen el 9ij i miss him :(

eshda3waa : loooool tha7ktne heheh tkhayaly aswee the night theme " racing cars " :P heheheh what should i ware ??

fwai7 : waaay miss U 7abebtee :) heheh enshalah when u get married ra7 tshofeen lama ysafer broo7a o yrja3 how he misses U so hatha el shaay el7loo :) o 9a7 klam fairy ma yla7thoon el highlight never heheh

Tooth fairy : looooove your ideas :) but ma y9la7 el roof in the area i am living in heheh 3la 6ool bluetooth :P o as u said they never notice the highlight or the hair cut :)

Talking about ideas , we were talking at work about these stuff and i was shocked heheheh ambeeeeeeeeh they gave me some kinky ideas heheheh "Shd3waa" waayed her idea tyanin hehehe

one of the girls told me "by the way she is monagaba and wearing 3abay " what about "6arazan" ??? i said shnoo ???? shno ya3nee 6arzan ? galat ya3nee tsween your room forest and u were tiger o blah blah blah ambeeh she was talking and i was just imaging jojo`s reaction looooooool oh my God he don’t like hal7arakaat

another theme :) other girl "wearing 3abaya but not negab " she is kbeera not young and fat she said that she always do nights for her husband so she made a small stage, buy some colored flash lighting and become " Shakira" @@ laaaaa`a nooooooooooooooooo i will never do stuff walah i will laugh heheheh

then she told me shryesh tsween "بيضاء الثلج " what ??snow white ??? laaaaaa so i have to lay in my bed with no movement waiting for my prince to kiss me to wake up ???? heheheh he will think that i am sleeping so he will watch TV :P

i know every women should do romantic things to her husband bas mo chthee i don`t know but i feel women are degrading them selves like that hmmm but maybe their husband r asking for these things .

thanks Gad my hubby is not like that :)

he believe that romance comes without any preparation , he loves simple things , he prefer me wearing girls boxers and sleeveless shirts more than lace and sexy lingerie’s , my friend’s husband is the same :) ashwaa i was scared at the beginning I thought there is something wrong with JOjo but we think that they love this style cuz they want to feel that we r not only wives but we r also girlfriends :) i guess .....Hmmm

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

waaayed things

- I attend the First Gulf development Conference in Sheraton Hotel :) my manger had a presentation and we prepared the presentation for her mashalah it was nice :)

- I got "Emtyaz " in my employee report:)

- thanks all 4 your comments :)

- jojo`s is traveling to U.A.E today :( car race again

but i am going back to my home heeeya also i am thinking to surprise him when he come back

any ideas ?????? help