Wednesday, April 04, 2007

stuff :)

oh Wednesday :) i love this day

today is our zwara :) with my family although i am visiting them daily :P but 2day is the official day .

yesterday jojo`s told me that he is going to bring a cake so we can celebrate my birthday with my nephews today :) this is good that he thinks about such a thing sweeet .

i guess he did that because he knows how important these things to me and to my family , and he misses this thing in his home .

ana my problem that i am so sensitive regarding these stuff cuz in my family it is important , so when i felt shway sad when no one from his family told me happy birthday @@ the don`t even tell each other , jojo 7abebe felt that i am shway sad also he notice the different that in his birthday , my family was in Egypt spending their vacation but they send him flowers and also they called him moreover when they come back they arrange a small party for him my parents gave him a present , in my birthday nothing happened .

so when we get back home yesterday i was carrying the cake i meet my mother in low she said : alaaah shnoo yaybaa 7agnaaa !!! what the hell i didn`t say a word he answered : mo 7agkom ana sharee cake 3ashan 3eed meelaadhaa 7ag bacher elzawaara . and then he inters our room and shut the door , i didn`t say a word even she didn`t told me happy birthday !! ok Good night khalte tabeen shaay ??? she told me : lala ana 6al3aa baroo7 7ag my frinde . "it was 10:45 P.M "

hmmmm i said nothing

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eshda3wa said...

that was so nice of jojo
sweety latethaygain min ur inlaws
each family is different
whma moo met3awdeen
the important thing is jojo is trying to be more like u not the other way around!

enjoy :)