Monday, April 30, 2007

Shape & money

Heyyyya i did it , i am back to my pre-wedding weight :) i feel happy i lost all the 8 kilos that i gained after getting married i am slim again , Jojo is gaining weight heheheh ya he used to make fun of me now i am seeking revenge :P

i am shopping almost daily wanasa i bought new clothes i feel confidant , the problem of my body that if i gain one kilo it shows and vice verse if i lost one kilo also it shows .

my jeans sizes changed from 14 to 10 :) heeeya bas khalte (mother in low ) keeps telling me that i have karsha @@ oh my God she don`t know what words she must use please be polite ........ i am not having any karsha but she keeps telling me that and even my sis in low ... i don`t care i am happy o everybody is telling me that i lost weight so i don`t care :)

There is something really annoys me , sometimes i feel that there is a black dot in my heart :( hmmmm i don`t know why i can`t forgive someone who hurts me , i don`t know why i can not let somethings go , i keep thinking about things , hmmm i don`t want to be like that i want to change . last night Jojo told me that his mom asks for money , she want to go the dr . , i don`t know why i had that bad feeling ???? so i told myself that it is his mom he should give her money , i don`t want to be a bad "Channah " but i don`t know why i had this feeling ,, may be cuz Jojo gets annoyed shwaay , he promises me that he is going to buy me a closet but now he can not , ya3ne he had a plan for his spending this month and now everything changed , and she asks for big amount of money , what`s wrong with her , i know that she had a good salary also my father in low why she can`t ask her husband ??? she is not that kind of women who spend her money , she always ware 3abaya and dar3aa , she don`t carry branded bags , she don`t buy any accessories , she never invite anyone to a diner or lunch , she never give presents if she is invited to a reception or something so 7ag shno she is spending ??? all the time she is complaining that she don`t have any money , with all that she asks for money .

it is his mom and i can not control him keefa i have my own salary , i feel sorry for him , his dad is taking a monthly rent @@ i was shocked for that , my dad never asks for anything from my brothers ?? this is something new to me really this weired relationship , and now his mom asking for money , 7raaaam and he has responsibilities for me and our apartment , my love he don`t want me to feel bad and he never let me pay for anything , so he needs to buy things for himself but with all that he can`t :( and he never accept any money from me and he get mad on me when i told him that if he needs anything ?!?!?!?

hmmm i am bad women 9a7 ??? i don`know really i don`t know


7san.B said...

With all do respect, but i think his mom comes first, im not saying ur a bad person, however his mother deserves any penny he gave or will give her. and about the rent issue, every married guy gets "badal ejar" so that he maybe able to pay his rent. So i really dont think that his father is doing any wrong thing here, some fathers may take the money and some might not( assuming his son is still living in the same house), that does NOT make the father any less of a good person.
nice blog btw.

eshda3wa said...

awalan MABROOK 3al weight loss
u must feel great


ur not a bad person, if your feeling annoyed wela tinks his mom dosent deserve it, kaifich, as long as u dint say these things to him, wala u stop him from helping his family then u can feel however u want to feel

dont be too hard on urself

*-fwai7-* said...

good job on the weight loss! :) oo ma 3alaich min kalam innaaas whoever is saying things, as long as you are comfortable with the way you look! :*

another thing , you're not a bad person at all. bil3aks niyatech 6ayba bes you also have to keep in mind that before you came into his life, jojo had his family. so even though you guys are married, there may be a time his mom or sisters need money or yisalef rifeeja or something. il7ala 7adha 6abee3iya, bes theres no need to get defensive. i'm pretty sure jojo knows what he's doing. its normal to worry, but hatha raylech oo he knows what he's doing. and if he ever needs your help he'll ask for it im sure.

just dont be too hard on his family.. adri you're not used to this and his family is very different from yours bes "different" doesnt really mean "bad".. people have different relationships and ways of dealing with things. aday ilwajeb towards your mother in law and ur husbands family, bes ib hal umooor mala da3i tetda5alain.. cuz later on its gonna show because youll get more and more angry and then jojo ra7 ye3a9eb 3alaich aww yethayag. and you dont want that!

good luck!

vyyvaa said...

when u say ten u mean british or american size? cz.. i cant imagine british ten with karsha ! :) and im quite surprised his mother says your gaining weight... because usually mom's (especially badu moms) encourage more fat.

i'll tell you how it is in my case, there has not yet passed a month since i got married that Ot didnt give his family.. not his mother only, but his younger brother, older brother, and thats a married guy! and even his sister. for most of the case, i would say my husband is too nice ( sathaj , easily taken advantage of) but i would take that back about his mother. if she thinks my husband can support her in her time of need (at things you may not be aware of.. even i u think hard enough, even if she doesnt care about designer bags or accessories.. she still needs money). and yes that blows off plans a month after another..
if you really want that closet, and you don't want to hurt your husband's feelings in giving him money.. why dont u ask one o your friends to give you a gift (invent an occasion) and give her a voucher of ikea or center point or what ever place u want your closet from, and let her send it with flowers to your place, and let ur husband see it before u.. so he can know its not u who bought it.. that way all is happy.. and u didnt hurt any one. and got what you want.

im sorry it maybe a repeated pattern that ur husband will be count on.. if he let them count on him once.. then its in his nature to last.

EniGma said...

mabrooook ! make sure u keep ur weight.

don't forget your mother in law's spending on the house. does she have other children? is she does, then add that to the cost. Oh, and the maid's salary, and probably aqsat el sayarat. Maybe even a loan or two.

But sij, if she has a good salary and do does her husband, then why ask money from her son?! Why ask for a large sum, especially when he just got married and is trying to build his life!

At the end of the day, it's his mother. And if her son doesn't support her, then no one will. Allah y9abrich 3alaihom, inshallah soon u'll be able to get out of that house!