Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Title

there r lots of thoughts and ideas came to mind , making me confused about what i am going to blog about .

when i started to blog for the first time, i was not thinking that there will be someone is going to read or comment on my posts , then i felt happy with the interactions , sometimes U need just one word from anyone and this word can change your day :) also i started to be attached with people who regularly keep comments , moreover, i have to be sure that some people wont like my blog or my posts , i feel the same sometimes but if i didn`t like ablog i never comment .

i write about my feelings , my thoughts , i write about anything comes to my mind . it is my dairy .

i am not going to force anyone to like my blog ;)

i never revise my posts , i never write a draft , that is why i have loooooots of spelling and grammar mistakes , this is my problem since i was little girl , i didn`t listen to mom`s advice she was telling me to keep writing so i can improve myself but of course i didn`t . my teachers at collage were really shocked cuz orally my English is perfect <----i don`t like to talk about my self like that ;) but my papers were sucks :P just one professor figured it out , he never accepted a paper from me for the first time he always return the papers back to twice so i can revise and edit what i did write . so this is my problem , sorry people if u r getting annoyed by my mistakes :) i promise i will spend more time on posting again :)

love u all thanks for your great comments ,

enigmaa , Yara , vyyvaa (ss) , a and Anonymous thanks for your time reading and commenting :)


Anonymous said...

Afa afa dont say sorry! 3adi there is no problem with making mistakes... this is YOUR blog.. mara7 eyech teacher o e7e6 red marks all over it or anything like that.. and even english professors make mistakes..
Your english is GREAT. malich she'3el ba7ad :) ekhthay ra7tich :)

Anonymous said...

wehhhh i wrote a comment sh6oola we it got deleted ;/

Your blog is wonderful. If I didn't like it or it was annoying, I would not come back again. Your English is good. Your mistakes are not annoying, we all make them :) bas it's nice to learn from them to improve oneself and not make the same mistake again.

Remember, it's your blog wely mo 3ajba la yegra!

eshda3wa said...

you dont have to revise, this is your place
you do whatever it makes u happy !!

glad it gives u pleasure!

Chicken Soup said...

your writing is awesome and i simply LOVE your blog :*
hope everything is going ok! oo wb from makkah :D taqabal Allah 6a3atkum