Friday, April 06, 2007

my Party

i am so worried , i wish the weather will be great this week .

i am going to to have a party at my home this Wednesday enshalaah :) it will be a big party and i hope that it will be fun .

it was supposed to be a reception but for some reasons my mom told me it is better if make just a diner party for my friends only no old women ;) just girls .

i reserved a DJ , my mom and dad and jojo are preparing our garden the dinner will be out door hope it will fine , i went with mom this weekend to buy some candles and things for the tables and mashalaah my mom had a great taste very classy and she knows mashalaah how to arrange great parties .

i don't know why don't she became a wedding planer ?!?!?

i love u mom without you i am nothing .

but i hope enshalah there will be no rains :( pray for me plz

i am going to wear an off- white "Red Carpet " Dress as jojo`s called it thanks God i lost weight , i love dresses that is simple and classic ya3nee style ajaneb . i like that ma a7eb el khabaa

still i don't know what to do with my hair hmmmm ????


nQ said...

you forgot to mention the address.

Anonymous said...

I hope your party goes well! And the weather is good (I’m praying for you)!

About having a great mum I know how you feel!! It’s wonderful! ;)

About your hair, I’m a hairdresser and wish I was there to help! But my advice is: remember the hairstyle you choose has to compliment you! And don’t over do the hair and make up if you don’t want your Red Carpet dress to be forgotten!

Have fun girl!! :D

NoNoWa said...

Hope u have agreat party and alot of fun!! Enshallah no rain!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! I just found your blog few days ago and i ammm hooked on it. i cant even leave the computer because im waiting for you to post a new blog!! i lost 3 kilo this week just sit on myy bummmmmm and waiting. you live in mishref?!! I LIVE THERE TOO!!! i feel like i connect with you BIG TIMEEE. im really looking forward to your party, can i come? i want to meet your PERFECT jojo! he sounds so cool. say hi to mom for me, oh oh!and i planning a cool party soon can she help me plan it??

iM WaiTinG FoR YoUr RePLy BiG TiMe. PLeaSe RePLy SooN.. Im HuNGry

Ya Rab No Rain.