Thursday, April 12, 2007

MY Party :) after storm

Thaaaaaaanks God Thaaaaaaaanks God the party was amazing , hanks to mom, dad , jojo and my bro 3abood they were working hard to cover our garden and to prepare it for the party

some of the girls could`nt make it this makes a little bit sad cuz it is the first time i through a part o wayed ma yoon some of them called me and give excuses and it is all because the weather and some of them never call and some of my best friends who are living few blocks gave me silly excuses such as "ma 3ndee shay albes "!!!

anyw ay the girls who were there really had fun and me too

everyone was telling that after marriage waayed 9rt a7laa :)

thanks god i lost weight

my look was great , el party was amazing , girls really have fun at night the weather 9ar mo 6abe3ee that alaa of them had dinner outside

Thanks God


Anonymous said...

YOur posts are nice shwaya immature bas sometimes u have good thoughts to share. YOur english sucks big time. u should check your spelling more often. I recommend that u start writing in arabic it would be better and easier to understand

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! :D

And those girls that missed it, I feel so bad for them missing out a good fun party!

Anonymous said...

aham shay shgalat anonnymous when she commented about hal post!! shtabeeee?? 3aib!! sorry bs ihya shako? kayfich u decide what to write, if she has such a bad time reading your bloggg why is she here in the first place???? bas nyways 7emdilla 3ala your party!! alla 7ifathich! hope jojo and ur mom saa3edooch oo raye7aw balicchh. shshawaitaw bil party? bs soolaftaww? oh and aasfa itha wayid 6awalt 3ala a reply 3ala ur post (omg thats soo cool i was included in a post!!! :D :D :D :D) but my computer brokkke down! bichayt! 6aa7 min il desk oo il shaasha inkasrat! ubooy galee khan jareb in9al7a, bs chan agoola ALREADY MA YISHTIGHUL?? SHIN9ALE7 FEE???...fa after that i had to convvinc him to allow me to buy a new computar...i dont think i know u, oo i dont sussspect that i do, fa ur safe, oo a9lan itha naas 3rifaw who u are, chan wayid tikalemaw ilnaas 3an hal blog, oo i5arboona...fa dont worry ;) i want to keep reading your blogg for ass long ass possible :)... nyways... Waiting to hearr moree from you!!

RePLy BsER3a PlEaSe! 7aDeE iM3aLgA 3aLa YoUr BloG!


Ra-1 said...

It was fun :D
and u looked great mashaAllah ;)

Anonymous said...

You rock my world., this blog completes me.

Don't worry about anonymous .. she hates kittens.

Chicken Soup said...

7abeeebti il7mdilla ur party turned out okay!! ma 3alaich tara wayid girls ysawoon excuses bes aham shay inna intay estanastay oo shiftay the people u care about.. i'm glad u had a good time il7mdilla inshallah more parties to come! :)

eshda3wa said...

so glad u had fun!

girls that say ma 3nde shay albes PISS me off!

bs its their loss aham shay intay estanastay :)

Anonymous said...

By the way I think you should take anonymous' advice. Not to write in Arabic, of course, but to use a spell checker. It's good that you're writing in English, to get more practice at it. But shel fayda if you're not correcting yourself? Your English doesn't "suck big time", but there are some mistakes that can be corrected if you type it in Word, then copy+paste to your blog. Word will correct your spelling and sometimes your grammar, so inty ra7 testefedeen.

I don't think anonymous wrote that comment to offend you. If that person doesn't like your blog he/she wouldn't visit again. Bel3aks, I think the comment was meant as advice for you.

Keep blogging :)