Sunday, April 01, 2007

my birthday

2 hours left and i will turn 26 :) i am getting old thanks God i look so much younger , i still can lie to people and say that i am 18

hubby gave me my present last week , i know 7yatee that he trying his best but he couldn`t understand that women loves the surprises and birthday cards with candles and stuff but he can not get it .

i wish that he will surprise me with a cake and candle and hmmm i wanna take some pic but i know he will not do it

if i told him what i want i know he will do it for me but i want him to think about it not me , even that he told me that if i wanna go out with my Friends tomorrow , i want to go out with u ooof don`t you get it ?????

walah jojo u r so nice o 6ayeb bas your problem enik u don`t get it or may be am over acting ?

ya raab twafgnee bkil shaay abeeh ya raab

i wish my self a happy birthday

i have a busy programme bacher ana ma7jooza all day

so let him miss me ;)


eshda3wa said...


sweety explain it to him
men need to learn
these things are so not natural to them!

have a great one oo 3qbal el 100

may all ur days be happy

Anonymous said...

Happy 26th! So what did Jojo get you?!

Chicken Soup said...

kil 3am wintay baaaaaaaaaaaalf 5air :** w3u2bal 892347293847 sina!!! :*

talk to jojo and let him know how you feel bes ib6areeqa mo mubashara :P
ya3ni as dala3 oo '3ashmara kind of.. you'll be fine :) i hope my bf remembers my birthday Allah yaster LOOL