Tuesday, April 03, 2007

heh @@

since morning i am signing in my blog trying to post something then i press X . nothing in mind i was confused and kind of busy at work ,

i am working in one of the colleges and at the beginning i used to wear " Kashkha " clothes but after 6 months i really notice that it is not worth it :) even my co-worker was the same now we`re going to work wearing jeans and flats with no make up except if we have some ceremony or a conference

so this week we are having an exhibition that arranged by the students so we decided to take a look @@ so once we got down i was shocked we met 2 students who are wearing nice suites they look gorgeous and sexy they do their hair as if thy went to a hair dresser and the tome was only 8:45 !?!?!?! wearing high high heels wearing make up , they look as if they are working in a bank or a company they r beautiful so beautiful and once we saw them unconsciously we look down to our jeans and flats

i was wondering if they are wearing that kind of clothes to collage if they graduate and start working what are they going to wear ??? or if they are going out what r they wearing ??!?

yes they look gorgeous and stylish but they don`t look that they are only 19 years old ??? hmmm they will never understand that they must live their age .


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with wanting to look good? You said yourself u used to dress up, but got bored of it. These girls dress up and enjoy it and I see nothing wrong with that. Do you want them to wear jeans and no make up? They're participating in the exhibition akeed they want to look good.

Your post was fine until the comment before last. Just because it's college, doesn't mean that they have to go to it wohma emhalgeen. At 19, they can wear whatever they like. It's not like they're 13 and look 20.

Anonymous said...

When I see gorgeous women I feel good and happy about it! But I do feel bad when young women or girls try to look older! I feel I would do anything to go back in time to be their age, and seeing them like that makes me feel like they are wasting the best years of their life trying to look as old as me! (I’m 29)!

Chicken Soup said...

ib my jam3a ilbanat YAKSHE5OON SO MUCHHH!!! oo yarait lo kan fee sabab a ma3rath or something! MAKO! ya3ni i dont understand, itha uhma ray7een yadresoon laish all the dressing up? some girls do it to get the guys, bes shda3wa chee!
i honestly go to class in training oo t-shirt oo people think im crazy!
bes if they have a good enough reason, then they can dress up, i guess.

Anonymous said...

when i see girls dressed up... especially young single ones, i feel i'm not making alot of effort myself. there is at least one day a week that i dress up for work, but most days are dead casual.. if i can go in my sleeping gown i would.

bs come to think of it, i think its a good habit to dress up all the time, its a girl thing.. young especially more than old.