Saturday, April 28, 2007


She called me, I listened to the agony in her voice , she is not the same (B) that I know , I used to keep my mobile far from my ears because oh her shouting and craziness , she is not the strong successful engineer who leads a group of engineers who r older then her . She is not the woman who impress everybody when she talks , this call was different .

(B): aloo abee aklmich throore thayg khlgee

Me: ha !?!?!? shfeech 3ass mashaar .

(B): ba9dmich b khabar, (A) ß--her lover ( Kha6ab ) .

Why??? leesh chthee?? they were in love form more then 4 years now , they were studying together abroad , he is older then her for only 1 year , she admired him and he loved her to death , she told her mom about him , her mother was very understanding she meet him .

His mom also saw her and meet her mom so it’s know a family issue , but the decided to wait till the finish their study . All the Kuwaiti students know about them and felt the love between them, so cute couples.

He graduate a year b4 her and return back to Kuwait and started his career life, she felt that he changed she spent her graduation year miserably alone, and I remember how sad she was cuz he is not with her and he stared to change and his excuse was “Work “
“elb3eed 3an el 3een, b3eed 3an el galb “ß---ay shay

She get back now she is “greeba mn el 3een “ but he is still the same he told her I need a space .

The Big Devil ß his sis , became her frind , roo7a o rada o 6al3aa she keep telling her tra he loves U o enshalah soon he will purpose but he need a space this is all a menthe ago , in the same day he sent her a msj “ Do U love me ?? “ she replied “ U ?? “ , he said “ malah da3ee agool U know “ this msj was a menthe ago exactly on 24/3/2007

On 24/4/2007, her sis told her that he was engaged to a young girl who is 21 years old khreejat ma3ahaad tejaree; His sister is the one who hooked them together.

(B) Told me what makes angry not losing him but they way they did it to break her heart (him and his sis)

I was shocked and I felt bad,

Why Kuwaitis cannot understand that love is a precious feeling cannot be given to any one easily???

Hmmm I feel bad
P.S : I wrote this on wed but I didn’t post it , last night she called me and she told me that she can’t stand it any more she want to call him , I tried to calm her I told her God will be with U Don’t worry . Please pry for her the heartbreak is so difficult


eshda3wa said...

i dont think kuwaities dont understand love

its just that this particular kuwaiti malat 3alaih happens to be a coward, who did not have the desency to face (b) and tell her its not working for him
he had to let his sister do it

allah y3eenha 3ala the pain he caused

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Allah ra7 y3awe'6ha eb a7san menah o ra7 ymot 7arra

Ra-1 said...

Ouch! :(

Anonymous said...

:((( allah y3eenha wallah. That's terrible, allah yakheth kil el reyayeel I hate them!

Chicken Soup said...

Allah ykoon if3oonha walla :( heartbreak is such a terrible thing oo its sad that most of the Kuwaiti "men" in this generation dont understand real love and how to treat a woman..
laish he married the other girl?? inshallah Allah yahdee oo ysam7a :/ oo be there for (B) as much as u can!

Anonymous said...

i second yara, Allah be3aweth.ha ba7san minna. i know this because that is what happened to me. it will not be easy of her to let go, and she will always feel the urge to call him.. but please keep her occupied, busy, in company... and feminize her as much as possible. Allah yhaddi balha o yraye7 galbha o y3aweth.ha ya rab.

Anonymous said...

I agree with K the kuwaiti. I don't think this guy wanted to marry her in the first place, and he wasn't serious about their relationship . Yimkin kan yitsala akeed kan fe wayid signs that he wasn't serious about her girls should be smarter and athgal and they shouldn't wait for the guy to dump them .

Sara said...

raa7 eyee el yoom ely raa7 yet7asaf feeh o ydeg 3aleeha o raa7 ta7gerra o ehya te'97aak b3d :>

Alla y9aberha o yhawen 3aleeha o y3awe'9na belly a7san menna alf mara :>

Anonymous said...

i knw this is an old post.. n i dont realy know ur friend but i just wanna knw how she's doing nw!! =(