Monday, April 16, 2007

daily life

yesterday I started my mission as I called it :) at lunch we were Talking about lots of things , i don't know how the topic turned to be about education and how is it important , my mother in low started to talk about her daughter and how she is living with no grade or work with her crazy husband who thought that his wife is a "thing " , and how is it important to any women to be independent so her husband will respect her , and feels her existence in life .

everybody knows how i feel regarding women rights and how is it important to help and support any woman to be successful , sometimes i told myself "ana shakoo " but i can't , i feel bad and i started to think all night if i notice any humiliation towards women .

back to our topic , i started to talk about some wives who managed to continua their studies and get a job and how this decision changed their life .

finally he talked !!! my father in low he said it with all the pain in his heart that he is ready to help his daughter financially if it possible for her to get back to schools !?!?! i was shocked thanks God they are thinking about each other :) it is the first time after 7 years of her marriage he decided to help her , when she first get married her husband was not allowing her to visit her family so she get back to her family her dad got mad and fight with that jerk but when she run away back to him . my dad in low swears that he will never help her again :(

kesar kha6ry :( so i got excited bl kuwaiti "eshta6eet " i called one of my friends who dropped of from high school and got married then she studied at and privet institute and now she is working with this degree and got all the info from her .

i wanna help her , i want her to be strong some people telling me malich shgel feeha she is 7amaatich ra7 tagleb 3aleech , i don't care God will be with me :)

during my "eshte6a6"o 7adee meshta6a in bed talking to jojo about el salfa and how it is important to me to help he hold me and kissed me on my head then he said : entaay waayed 6aybaa o galbich baby " !?!?!?! heheh i love u jo


Chicken Soup said...

waaay wanasa il7mdilla i'm happy for u, finally u decide to get into ur husbands family shway! :D
hope everything works out inshallah mako ila il3aafya every woman deserves a good education oo shahada oo a good job :) ma7ib illi yifakroon that woman are objects oo malhum mukan ila bait.hum yinathfoon oo yi6bi5ooon 7adda tafkeer 3ateeej!
ya7lailkum u and jojo Allah yi5aleeekum 7ag ba3ath! :)

Anonymous said...

father in law not father in low!

Anonymous said...

inshallah everything works out! you r doing a wonderful thing and she won't go against you, bel3aks, if it works she'll thank you for it. embayen enna galbich abya6' and u care about the people around u. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

well.. i really hope your support will continue past any negative events happening between you and his family.
tell you what.. i just saw this movie: north country ,its a perfect movie for a feminist like you :)

by the way, is it only me.. or do we always feel the families of our husbands are suffering and/or in need of help? ? (it's a serious question)

eshda3wa said...

thats really really nice of u to help her

no one can stress the importance of education
the ability to stand on ur own two feet and support urself is priceless

i hope 7amatiches grasps the chance and goes thru with it

Anonymous said...

Allah ur blog ehabil :) Thank God 6e7t 3alaih :) Ana b3ad newly wed o nafs 7altich bil '6ab6..

Allah ykhalekom 7ag b3a'6 enshallah :)