Monday, April 23, 2007

Back from "Makkah"

Back again to work , back from Makkah .

i had my period :( so i didn`t do 3omra , if my manger gave me my leave starting from Sat i would manage to do my 3omra but she didn`t . ( alaah mo kateb ) thanks God

any way it was a nice vacation :) i had fun and i was really happy for Jojo that he did his 3omra , he didn`t been there since he was 8 :( but thanks God he love it he will ago again next month with his mom :)

i feel happy that i did something good with the help of God i am trying to let him be more religious and to be aware of his religion , cuz God will be with him in every step in his life .

we had fun el7amdelaah , mom & dad were there 2 . we had connected rooms , the most beautiful image that is still stuck in my mind when i saw mom&dad laughing and enjoying their time with us especially with jojo who became more comfortable with them and they were treating him as if he is their son :)
el7amdellah el7amdeelah

yesterday , jojo`s had a call from the public authority of applied education ( al ta6beege ) telling him the he is accepted to continue his study :) el7amdelaah

he is so happy , he told me that things r getting much better because he changed and became close to God he hugged me and told me that he will do anything to make me happy

Jojo , i want to see u achieving success , U have to study hard and continue your study not only for me , but also for your future and the future of our little family :)

Love U


Anonymous said...

شنو شعور زوجك و الكويت كلها تعرف ان العاده يت لك في العمره

شويه حيا رجاء

EniGma said...

eshda3wa leq8 kilha 3ad! anyway kaifha it's her bolg.

Great news, mabrook enna he got accepted! 3oqbal el qubool bel jam3a!

Anonymous said...

it isnt appropriate to announce publically that you had yoyur period. if you plan to be closer to allah and more religious practice some shyness حياء

Unknown said...

anonymous, all of ommat mohammad knows that sayida Aishah got her period too when she was about to do 7ajj.....

La 7aya fel deen ;)

Anonymous said...

3omra maqbola enshala for ur husband and family :) oo thats great allah ywafga enshallah :)

Anonymous said...

stupid anonymous guy walla... so what if she wanted to say she had her period.. i almost had the same experience too.. and its a big disappointment to the girl.. el3ada is not something to be ashamed of !!! its a sign of fertility and its what God gave us, why should we be ashamed of our bodies?? walla this anonymous is sucha discourage to emotional release and needs not to comment.

hatha eli be7edni akteb post camil about my painful period !!!

my dearest new pride, such beautiful soul you have for feeling happy to the closeness of God.. i actually found out a really easy way to come closer and closer.. when ever m waiting on a trafic light i keep repeating esta'3fara allah.. it made me feel better every traffic light.. and less stressful. sometimes trying to bring someone closer to God can be hard, not every one will respond like you wish, especially when it is someone you love. please try as many techniques and not so obvious ways to help your husband's spirituality on the rise.

mabrook for your husband continuing education.. is that in or out of kuwait? what about his work.. and urs? are you gonna be together if outside (duh! ) :D good luck hun.

Anonymous said...

that is of course vyyvaa not vyyvss

EniGma said...

vyyaa, the PAAET (where he got accepted) is inside kuwait. I laughed when I read that u repeat esta'3farallah at traffic lights, because I started sorta doing something similar -- instead of fingering people who annoy me, I say esta'3farallah hehe.

anon- a & vyyaa said it. It's totally normal to have her period what the hell is wrong with u

eshda3wa said...

taqabal allah
allah yhaneekom inshallah oo ytamem 3alaikom
oo yakteblich another 3omrah :)