Saturday, April 14, 2007

back again after Weekend :)

Back to work again :)

everybody who attended the party said it was great party and they had fun :)

thanks God

i love my friends :) they were really funny especially "A" ambeeeeh i love her she was dancing all the time and encouraging everyone to dance and have fun :)

Thank u all for your lovely words :)

i submitted some pictures from the preparations :) it is all done by mom with help of dad , 3abood , and 7abebe jojo

it was supposed to be all out door but in case of the rain mom arranges some tables inside .

Love u All


eshda3wa said...

it looks amazing!!
mashallah they all did a great job!!

yala i want to be invited to the next 1!!

Chicken Soup said...

wow mashallah mashallah shakla beautiful 7addddddda!! :D im glad u had fun 7abeebti 3alaikum balf 3afya oo mashallah thoqich iyannin!
you have to design my next party ;P

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! WOW!!!
It looks like my wedding! I think your mum should do wedding arrangements!
I’m happy you had fun!

Anonymous said...

mashallah 3ala yr mother! everything looks beautiful (even the house!!!! mashallah!!)

Anonymous said...

wow :)
looking superb