Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aprils fool

1st April 2006 <------- the day of my engagement , last year on this day you proposed to me :)

i still remember everything , remember how nervous you were trying to be impress my mom i still remember your promises to mom that your are going to continue you study and i remember how you smile at me and i still remember that we didn`t shake hands heheheh

thanks God we are together now

6ab3aa ana waayed mishta6aa today and when i called you this morning trying to remained how romantic is this enta knt 7adik lahee working in this photo shop hobby your new hobby so i hang up the phone and i noticed that Kuwaitis are very tough in their emotion just like the desert that your grandparents lived in .


Chicken Soup said...

hffff kuwaiti men ba3ad shetwaqa3aaain!! my bf never remembers anniversaries oo stuff like that fa ma gmt athakra lana mayhimma even though its very important to me :/ madri.. wai3.

NewQ8 Bride said...

dear fwai7 they will never learn but try to let him knows how important this to u