Saturday, April 28, 2007


She called me, I listened to the agony in her voice , she is not the same (B) that I know , I used to keep my mobile far from my ears because oh her shouting and craziness , she is not the strong successful engineer who leads a group of engineers who r older then her . She is not the woman who impress everybody when she talks , this call was different .

(B): aloo abee aklmich throore thayg khlgee

Me: ha !?!?!? shfeech 3ass mashaar .

(B): ba9dmich b khabar, (A) ß--her lover ( Kha6ab ) .

Why??? leesh chthee?? they were in love form more then 4 years now , they were studying together abroad , he is older then her for only 1 year , she admired him and he loved her to death , she told her mom about him , her mother was very understanding she meet him .

His mom also saw her and meet her mom so it’s know a family issue , but the decided to wait till the finish their study . All the Kuwaiti students know about them and felt the love between them, so cute couples.

He graduate a year b4 her and return back to Kuwait and started his career life, she felt that he changed she spent her graduation year miserably alone, and I remember how sad she was cuz he is not with her and he stared to change and his excuse was “Work “
“elb3eed 3an el 3een, b3eed 3an el galb “ß---ay shay

She get back now she is “greeba mn el 3een “ but he is still the same he told her I need a space .

The Big Devil ß his sis , became her frind , roo7a o rada o 6al3aa she keep telling her tra he loves U o enshalah soon he will purpose but he need a space this is all a menthe ago , in the same day he sent her a msj “ Do U love me ?? “ she replied “ U ?? “ , he said “ malah da3ee agool U know “ this msj was a menthe ago exactly on 24/3/2007

On 24/4/2007, her sis told her that he was engaged to a young girl who is 21 years old khreejat ma3ahaad tejaree; His sister is the one who hooked them together.

(B) Told me what makes angry not losing him but they way they did it to break her heart (him and his sis)

I was shocked and I felt bad,

Why Kuwaitis cannot understand that love is a precious feeling cannot be given to any one easily???

Hmmm I feel bad
P.S : I wrote this on wed but I didn’t post it , last night she called me and she told me that she can’t stand it any more she want to call him , I tried to calm her I told her God will be with U Don’t worry . Please pry for her the heartbreak is so difficult

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Title

there r lots of thoughts and ideas came to mind , making me confused about what i am going to blog about .

when i started to blog for the first time, i was not thinking that there will be someone is going to read or comment on my posts , then i felt happy with the interactions , sometimes U need just one word from anyone and this word can change your day :) also i started to be attached with people who regularly keep comments , moreover, i have to be sure that some people wont like my blog or my posts , i feel the same sometimes but if i didn`t like ablog i never comment .

i write about my feelings , my thoughts , i write about anything comes to my mind . it is my dairy .

i am not going to force anyone to like my blog ;)

i never revise my posts , i never write a draft , that is why i have loooooots of spelling and grammar mistakes , this is my problem since i was little girl , i didn`t listen to mom`s advice she was telling me to keep writing so i can improve myself but of course i didn`t . my teachers at collage were really shocked cuz orally my English is perfect <----i don`t like to talk about my self like that ;) but my papers were sucks :P just one professor figured it out , he never accepted a paper from me for the first time he always return the papers back to twice so i can revise and edit what i did write . so this is my problem , sorry people if u r getting annoyed by my mistakes :) i promise i will spend more time on posting again :)

love u all thanks for your great comments ,

enigmaa , Yara , vyyvaa (ss) , a and Anonymous thanks for your time reading and commenting :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Back from "Makkah"

Back again to work , back from Makkah .

i had my period :( so i didn`t do 3omra , if my manger gave me my leave starting from Sat i would manage to do my 3omra but she didn`t . ( alaah mo kateb ) thanks God

any way it was a nice vacation :) i had fun and i was really happy for Jojo that he did his 3omra , he didn`t been there since he was 8 :( but thanks God he love it he will ago again next month with his mom :)

i feel happy that i did something good with the help of God i am trying to let him be more religious and to be aware of his religion , cuz God will be with him in every step in his life .

we had fun el7amdelaah , mom & dad were there 2 . we had connected rooms , the most beautiful image that is still stuck in my mind when i saw mom&dad laughing and enjoying their time with us especially with jojo who became more comfortable with them and they were treating him as if he is their son :)
el7amdellah el7amdeelah

yesterday , jojo`s had a call from the public authority of applied education ( al ta6beege ) telling him the he is accepted to continue his study :) el7amdelaah

he is so happy , he told me that things r getting much better because he changed and became close to God he hugged me and told me that he will do anything to make me happy

Jojo , i want to see u achieving success , U have to study hard and continue your study not only for me , but also for your future and the future of our little family :)

Love U

Monday, April 16, 2007

daily life

yesterday I started my mission as I called it :) at lunch we were Talking about lots of things , i don't know how the topic turned to be about education and how is it important , my mother in low started to talk about her daughter and how she is living with no grade or work with her crazy husband who thought that his wife is a "thing " , and how is it important to any women to be independent so her husband will respect her , and feels her existence in life .

everybody knows how i feel regarding women rights and how is it important to help and support any woman to be successful , sometimes i told myself "ana shakoo " but i can't , i feel bad and i started to think all night if i notice any humiliation towards women .

back to our topic , i started to talk about some wives who managed to continua their studies and get a job and how this decision changed their life .

finally he talked !!! my father in low he said it with all the pain in his heart that he is ready to help his daughter financially if it possible for her to get back to schools !?!?! i was shocked thanks God they are thinking about each other :) it is the first time after 7 years of her marriage he decided to help her , when she first get married her husband was not allowing her to visit her family so she get back to her family her dad got mad and fight with that jerk but when she run away back to him . my dad in low swears that he will never help her again :(

kesar kha6ry :( so i got excited bl kuwaiti "eshta6eet " i called one of my friends who dropped of from high school and got married then she studied at and privet institute and now she is working with this degree and got all the info from her .

i wanna help her , i want her to be strong some people telling me malich shgel feeha she is 7amaatich ra7 tagleb 3aleech , i don't care God will be with me :)

during my "eshte6a6"o 7adee meshta6a in bed talking to jojo about el salfa and how it is important to me to help he hold me and kissed me on my head then he said : entaay waayed 6aybaa o galbich baby " !?!?!?! heheh i love u jo

Saturday, April 14, 2007

back again after Weekend :)

Back to work again :)

everybody who attended the party said it was great party and they had fun :)

thanks God

i love my friends :) they were really funny especially "A" ambeeeeh i love her she was dancing all the time and encouraging everyone to dance and have fun :)

Thank u all for your lovely words :)

i submitted some pictures from the preparations :) it is all done by mom with help of dad , 3abood , and 7abebe jojo

it was supposed to be all out door but in case of the rain mom arranges some tables inside .

Love u All

Thursday, April 12, 2007

MY Party :) after storm

Thaaaaaaanks God Thaaaaaaaanks God the party was amazing , hanks to mom, dad , jojo and my bro 3abood they were working hard to cover our garden and to prepare it for the party

some of the girls could`nt make it this makes a little bit sad cuz it is the first time i through a part o wayed ma yoon some of them called me and give excuses and it is all because the weather and some of them never call and some of my best friends who are living few blocks gave me silly excuses such as "ma 3ndee shay albes "!!!

anyw ay the girls who were there really had fun and me too

everyone was telling that after marriage waayed 9rt a7laa :)

thanks god i lost weight

my look was great , el party was amazing , girls really have fun at night the weather 9ar mo 6abe3ee that alaa of them had dinner outside

Thanks God

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why ?!?!?!?!?

Thoughts comes to my mind :

- Why i have to ask jojo every month ( A7en ) that we need a new closet because our closet will never adjust all my clothes ??? it`s been 6 months now ....

- Why i have to worry about raising my kids probably .....and i am still not pregnant ????

- Why i am always thinking about the future in a negative way ??? sick thought .

- Why i can`t i tell mom if she did something that bothers me ????

- why i have to take care of all my brothers and sister`s problems and feelings and they never think about me ?? the used to me that i am the one who must listen to them if they are feeling bad .....

hmmmmmm i don`t feel well 2day .

Thanks all for your great comments :) love u all

thanks sweetie for your great words :) and also for your advice i guess you really notice what is my style .

niqa : no comments :)

nonowa : thanks dear :)

new Q8 bride's NUMBER ONE FAN :

oooh i am impressed el9ra7aa ;) really i wish we can meet mabe we know each other but let me tell u something , if i feel that someones knows who i am in real life i can`t feel free posting :) i have to careful and i do not want 2 i want to be free expressing my feelings

thanks all for your time :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

my Party

i am so worried , i wish the weather will be great this week .

i am going to to have a party at my home this Wednesday enshalaah :) it will be a big party and i hope that it will be fun .

it was supposed to be a reception but for some reasons my mom told me it is better if make just a diner party for my friends only no old women ;) just girls .

i reserved a DJ , my mom and dad and jojo are preparing our garden the dinner will be out door hope it will fine , i went with mom this weekend to buy some candles and things for the tables and mashalaah my mom had a great taste very classy and she knows mashalaah how to arrange great parties .

i don't know why don't she became a wedding planer ?!?!?

i love u mom without you i am nothing .

but i hope enshalah there will be no rains :( pray for me plz

i am going to wear an off- white "Red Carpet " Dress as jojo`s called it thanks God i lost weight , i love dresses that is simple and classic ya3nee style ajaneb . i like that ma a7eb el khabaa

still i don't know what to do with my hair hmmmm ????

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

stuff :)

oh Wednesday :) i love this day

today is our zwara :) with my family although i am visiting them daily :P but 2day is the official day .

yesterday jojo`s told me that he is going to bring a cake so we can celebrate my birthday with my nephews today :) this is good that he thinks about such a thing sweeet .

i guess he did that because he knows how important these things to me and to my family , and he misses this thing in his home .

ana my problem that i am so sensitive regarding these stuff cuz in my family it is important , so when i felt shway sad when no one from his family told me happy birthday @@ the don`t even tell each other , jojo 7abebe felt that i am shway sad also he notice the different that in his birthday , my family was in Egypt spending their vacation but they send him flowers and also they called him moreover when they come back they arrange a small party for him my parents gave him a present , in my birthday nothing happened .

so when we get back home yesterday i was carrying the cake i meet my mother in low she said : alaaah shnoo yaybaa 7agnaaa !!! what the hell i didn`t say a word he answered : mo 7agkom ana sharee cake 3ashan 3eed meelaadhaa 7ag bacher elzawaara . and then he inters our room and shut the door , i didn`t say a word even she didn`t told me happy birthday !! ok Good night khalte tabeen shaay ??? she told me : lala ana 6al3aa baroo7 7ag my frinde . "it was 10:45 P.M "

hmmmm i said nothing

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

heh @@

since morning i am signing in my blog trying to post something then i press X . nothing in mind i was confused and kind of busy at work ,

i am working in one of the colleges and at the beginning i used to wear " Kashkha " clothes but after 6 months i really notice that it is not worth it :) even my co-worker was the same now we`re going to work wearing jeans and flats with no make up except if we have some ceremony or a conference

so this week we are having an exhibition that arranged by the students so we decided to take a look @@ so once we got down i was shocked we met 2 students who are wearing nice suites they look gorgeous and sexy they do their hair as if thy went to a hair dresser and the tome was only 8:45 !?!?!?! wearing high high heels wearing make up , they look as if they are working in a bank or a company they r beautiful so beautiful and once we saw them unconsciously we look down to our jeans and flats

i was wondering if they are wearing that kind of clothes to collage if they graduate and start working what are they going to wear ??? or if they are going out what r they wearing ??!?

yes they look gorgeous and stylish but they don`t look that they are only 19 years old ??? hmmm they will never understand that they must live their age .

Sunday, April 01, 2007

my birthday

2 hours left and i will turn 26 :) i am getting old thanks God i look so much younger , i still can lie to people and say that i am 18

hubby gave me my present last week , i know 7yatee that he trying his best but he couldn`t understand that women loves the surprises and birthday cards with candles and stuff but he can not get it .

i wish that he will surprise me with a cake and candle and hmmm i wanna take some pic but i know he will not do it

if i told him what i want i know he will do it for me but i want him to think about it not me , even that he told me that if i wanna go out with my Friends tomorrow , i want to go out with u ooof don`t you get it ?????

walah jojo u r so nice o 6ayeb bas your problem enik u don`t get it or may be am over acting ?

ya raab twafgnee bkil shaay abeeh ya raab

i wish my self a happy birthday

i have a busy programme bacher ana ma7jooza all day

so let him miss me ;)

Aprils fool

1st April 2006 <------- the day of my engagement , last year on this day you proposed to me :)

i still remember everything , remember how nervous you were trying to be impress my mom i still remember your promises to mom that your are going to continue you study and i remember how you smile at me and i still remember that we didn`t shake hands heheheh

thanks God we are together now

6ab3aa ana waayed mishta6aa today and when i called you this morning trying to remained how romantic is this enta knt 7adik lahee working in this photo shop hobby your new hobby so i hang up the phone and i noticed that Kuwaitis are very tough in their emotion just like the desert that your grandparents lived in .