Monday, March 05, 2007


To be honest with you , i am soooooo busy and i decided today to just read the comments and that`s it .

after reading your encouraging comments i dropped off my work o "jabalt my pc " :) i started to love reading blogs and writing my thoughts :)

i will replay today and i feel happy doing that : )

*-fwai7 : u r amazing and khla9 u became my online friend mashalah you got a high-class taste of choosing gifts , i love it , it is a great gift heheh u remind once when i told my sis in low to come with to spa time her husband said hatha mkaan kharbee6 :P thanks for your advice o alaah ewafgich o nfra7 feech :)

eshda3wa thanks alot dear :)

Anonymous : the reason to write in English that after i graduated i started to loose my writing skills in English so it is a Chance for me to start write again and to improve my language

MissQ8ya85 : heheh 7yaatee walah thanks alot :) o yes jojo 3ndaa okhoo wa7ed :) khooosh 6abaaakh ;)

Kthekuwaiti thanks thanks alot i loved your blog 2 :)

Double D : i don`t want to totally change my husband he is great man but if there are some parts in his personality can be changed to be better , there is nothing wrong in that , and yes he knows that i have blog but i told him that he should`nt read it because it`s my diary and he respects that :)

love you all


Anonymous said...

If i was your husband and I knew that you were discussing our intimate life online with strangers I would be very disappointed with you. You don't need to tell us what you did on your wedding night and what gifts you gave your mother in "law"

A lot of people are married and have similar experiences they just don't have the need to preach to others as to how they should handle their marital life.

I completely respect your feelings and I don't write this message in offense but I believe somethings should be kept personal. You never know who is reading this blog and knows you and I don't think its fair for your husband to be scrutinized like this.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thank dear i understand your point but i feel comfortable to write here and am not explaining enything in details !!!

thanks alot again :)

Chicken Soup said...

double d, chill out.. a blog is a blog.. she can write whatever she wants and since her husband knows she keeps a blog/diary, its really not a big deal.. if you don't like what she's writing or what she talks about, no one's forcing you to read her blog.

new bride ;*** 7addich katkoota wa7ibich winshallah everyday for u and jojo keeps getting better and better.. LOOOL and i heard a lot of stuff inna spa time is "kharbo6a" bes a7ibbbba oo i always a7jiz for me and my friends oo for my bf in the men's spa time next door :) 7adda wanasa.. it would be a good gift for jojo too!

Anonymous said...

7abeeeeeeeeeeeebti :* thank you for the kind words.

Inzain JoJo is short for shno ?

*devilish smile*