Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spa :)

As Fwai7 mentioned the Spa topic , i want to talk about it today , before the spa thing was not that popular in kuwait , and massages were inside some hair saloons and it is only for old women ,

My Nanny was from Egypt she was living with us when my oldest brother was born , now he 36 she was only 14 when she arrived to kuwait she was doing home massage for mom and i was really want to her to do for me but i thought doing massage is only for adults :)

it totally different now girls are doing massages almost every month and i remember that when we was at collage that we`re stressed and we need to relax so after collage we nag out and go to spa time hehehe it is really fine that thought and ideas really changed through generations :)

now i can`t stay more then 2 months without going to the spa it is nice and relaxing and you feel that it is the luxury of life , el 9ra7aa ekee ma troo7 ma 3ndhaa salfa :)

but what i love in spas barah el kuwait that you can book a room with your husband and you can have you massage and treatment together o 7adaa shay 7loo so once i tried that we could`nt make to go to spa here in kuwait :( cuz it is really romantic and fun too to be with your husband .

in Malaysia we did massage on the beach o 7adaa kaan 3ajeeb o very romantic :) bas you know what ?? some girls were telling me : shloon trtheen enaah women touches your husband !! it is ok for me he is doing massage with me in the same room so why should i get mad and jealous !!! am i wrong ???
editing : ooof i invited jojo to lunch he told me that his mom msawya gada :(((( offf i wana go out


Anonymous said...

Why don't you and your husband go to massage classes and learn how to do it for eachother, now that's romantic!

Chicken Soup said...

eeeeeeee ana everytime agool 7ag my man inroo7 spa time oo stuff, yigoolli "ana a7la shay 3indi that u give me the massage oo not someone else i don't know" :) oo its really nice oo u should try it!

bes i save spa time 7ag my girlfriends usually :) ana oo rifeejati nroo7 like a big group oo we just relax hnaak.. oo also 7ag gifts..

bes a massage on the beach is 7ADDA 3AJEEB a7is! wanasa abii ;P

Anonymous said...

to be outside kuwait, more romantic options are possible. when we were in Newyork, we made out every where, in malls, in grocery shops, but when it came to massage my husband insisted to have a male do it. i didnt object if it was a girl.. but later when i thought of it, thank god it worked that way..

it might not be comfortable for u though, that u have a man other than ur husband being in the same room for ur massage.