Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nails 2 U

This nail spa is located in my home area :```( Mishref

waaay ya7alaat mishref big different than the place i live in now :) heheheh thanks God jojo ma yakhleenee aroo7 elaa jam3yatnaa heheheheh

i did try it at the shop but they have new service at home nail spa :)

try it :) walah it is worth it


shosho said...

Thanks for the info!!!! That's great news :)

Where is the shop located precisely (which part of Mishref) and do you know how much they charge for home service?

Anonymous said...

i wish we could do our nails together! I live in Mishref too!

Anonymous said...

Mishref!!! no way! we are close to each other, maybe I will bump into you someday ;) hehehehehehe