Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nail 2 u <----closed

i just called nail 2 U service and she told that they closed heir shop and they turn it to something else they only do the home service :((( 7asafaaa for me i prefer going their

ma7lhom mkaan Amber elee bl jam3eeya :)

woooow i read your comments and thanks for it i am so happy :)

try Nail Club bl jaberya i love it i will post the prices and the place :)

love you all

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Aram said...

hi this is aram razzouqi from nails 2 u :) why 7asafa u should try our service its more relaxing when u do it at home , a7san men za7mat alshoware3 :)

ur gonna love it dear
visit our website