Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my dream \my wedding Dress

since i was young i always dream that i will have my own business , i never played with girls toys , i never pretend that i am the mother and my toys are my kids feed them and clean them never , my mo was worried about that :P she thought that i will be "9abyaak" even though i was so petite o waayed na3ooma o 3a9laa <----6ab3aan b4 long time

my favorite game was is to be a laundry manger <---silly i don`t know why , sometimes i played that i have an ice-cream shop , or a being a hair stylist all my barbies were bold or to be a makeup artist and to have my own fashion boutique .

my little sister maskeena she must play all these games with me even if she don`t want too :P and her role in the game always "el farrasha " the cleaner maid heheheheh she is remembering all that and she told me if i had a baby girl she will get her revenge back

any way my dream is growing up with me but my problem i don`t have patient :( i ordered some handbags and shoes once and i sold and i got a great profit then maleet hmmm i am thinking about it now lots of girls are working hard on that why i am not ??? so ......

i decided something , my friend suggest that to rent my wedding dress hmmmm so i attached the picture :) what do u think ??it`s from Lady roi bridals the boutique is located in L.A so if u`re interested and you now someone who did just send me a message :)


Anonymous said...

OK, but you wanna rent it for how much, if you can buy a brand new one for less than 500KD?

Good idea though

Anonymous said...

thats a beautiful dress :)

Anonymous said...

waw.. that is so gorgeous!

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thanks all :)

:) any way sure i will rent less then 500Kd Cuz if a bride wants to rent a dress over 500Kd it is not worth it she can get simple new dress with this price :)

:) love u all