Saturday, March 03, 2007

March The Birthdays Month

This month is totally spending month , it`s my Mom`s Birthday , my Brother`s birthday , 2 of my Friend's Birthdays added to it my mother in low Birthday oooh i forget also it`s mother`s day heheh

this year it was really new to me the first time for me celebrating my mom's birthday and i am married , it was all new to me and i discovered lots of things that mothers are different and each one has her own of raising her kids and teach them morals and behaviors , i was shocked that my husband never celebrates his mom `s birthday not only him they never think about it in their house even his sister she didn`t think about it and she didn`t bring or even called her mom
:(( this is really sad it is totally different atmosphere then my house el 7mdelaah

we have been taught in my home that birthday`s are important it is our way to thank our parents for what did they do to us every year we did secrete plans to surprise my mom or my dad
it is something spacial between us

i felt sorry for my husband family they didn`t experience all this things , thanks God my husband likes the way how is my family are treating each other and he told me that he wants me to raise my children the way mom mom and dad raised me enshalaah :)

any way we bought for our moms indoors BBQ grill er also i gave my mom birthday card with some amount of money << class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_9">girller is not enough
birthday cards is the most important thing to me i spend the night writing ti her what is really in my heart , she loved the card and i was happy

my mother in low when we gave her the gift she got excited but i don`t know when we gave her the card she said " alaaaah shnoo 7a6een lee floos !!!! " totally different then my moms reaction and el 9ra7aa we didn`t give her a money " it is non of my business "

i didn`t like the way she is thinking i can not communicate with her

el 7amdelaah my husband is changing he is thinking like me he became just like one of my brothers with same interests and i feel great for what i did .

Alhanbali : thanks thanks for your comments , the feminism topic need a time to talk about enshalah soon i will explain my view to you

kthekuwaiti : thanks alot :)


Chicken Soup said...

awww 7abeebti :) its the thought of the gift that counts walla.. Allah yi6awel ib3umr ur mama oo ur mom in law oo kil ahalich inshallah ameen :)

ana for my bf's mother's birthday, i got her a biiig bouquet of flowers and a small card, and a gift certificate for a massage at Spa Time.. she loved it :) a simple gift means a lot.. at least u remembered her birthday u know? and u celebrated as well :)

hope everything is going well, and if you ever feel mt7ab6a oo stuff, relax, thikray rabbich oo try to go through with things as best as u can :) good luckkk :*

eshda3wa said...

that was really nice of u to remember ur mother in laws birthday- even if her own children dont care.
its the thought that counts :)

Anonymous said...

Please write your blog in arabic

Anonymous said...

Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaah wanasa, ana wayed a7b bloogich, wo sowalfech etwanis :)

*shy smile* JoJo 3enda okhoo ?

K.thekuwaiti said...

There is no need to write in Arabic .. her English is amazing (and the only reason I enjoy this blog so much).

Anonymous said...

I'm curious.. why do you feel the need to change your husband?
Also, does he know about this blog?