Saturday, March 17, 2007

Life :)

Back to work :) it is Sat , i had a busy weekend and kind of bad .

i went shopping with mom and she got tired i took her to the hospital we stayed there for 3 hours so she rested i love you mom :( thanks God i am with her cuz i feel that no one of my brothers and sister will take care of her they are careless ...

thanks God she is fine i love Jojo he let me spend the night at home with her .

last night was great i stayed home with jojo just watching TV , talking and more ;) there is something that i don`t like , my mother in low hmmm she is good and nice with me i respect her alot but she had some attitude that's pissed me off hmmm i know no one is perfect but what i hate is this one thing , i am living with them, and when she knocks the door of my apartment she never wait for my answer she just knock and call my name then she lets herself in
:( el9ra7a i started to lock the door once i intered my apartment although my mom is telling me 3eeb but what can i do .... sometimes i am wearing kind of clothes that i don`t want any one to see me except my husband , i don`t want her to think that i don`t want her to come to my apartment but she couldn't understand sometimes i screamed "la7tha la7tha" and run to my bed room and wait there so she will leave cuz she notice that i am not wearing clothes but she waited for me in the living room so i changed my clothe and get out to her

so khla9 it been now 2 weeks i am locking the door all the time and sometimes at night when i am dressed up waiting for JOJo and she knocks and calls my name i never answer or open the door so she keep calling and knocking o ana 6af <---- i know this is bad walah i know i don`t want to be a bad girl bas shaswee sometimes i am lighting some candles and romantic stuff :P ma abeeha tshoof ast7ee el 9raa7a

JOJO awal shay kan y3a9eb that i am locking the door all the time i never told him the reason but he noticed that by himself some times we `re sitting together and she tried to open the door fa ygool : ashwaa gaflaa el bab omee malgoofa :) he noticed that by himself :)

i guess what i am doing is not wrong ?!?!?!?


eshda3wa said...

allah ykhaleech 7ag omich oo ykhale omich lich

and no its not wrong to lock ur door for privacy, bs if she knockes and ur there it dosent hurt to put a robe on and talk to her b4 ur hubby gets home ;)

allah y3eenich

vyyvaa said...

ya3ni.. seriously thu.. why would she keep knocking on ur door.. and coming to you so often.. .huh? !!

NoNoWa said...

I know the feeling of the mother and laws ,attitude. Believe me , because my mother and law has the same type!!!! But you are living in their house and thats the problem. When i married my husband we decided that we wud NEVER live with them. Its too hard for me to be comfortable. I like my space. And u and ur husband need your own space right now, especially since you are still newly married. So keep on locking that door, honey!!
Good luck.

*-fwai7-* said...

LOOOOOL tha7akteeeni!! :P
its okay to lock ur door ma feeha shay hatha baitkum y3tabar so you shouldn't feel like you're doing something 3aib.. hatha ur apartment ya3ni she should respect ur privacy..
latkisheen minha, be a good girl and try to spend time with her during the day so when the night time comes, she wont have anything to say to you cuz 6ale3at all her siwalif :P
when you get REALLY comfortable with her, just be like "5alti tadreen inni a3izich oo intay 7isbat omi bes kint bagoolich inna at night its not a good time for you to come knocking if you dont mind, because i want to spend time alone wiya rayli without interuptions" :P

oo hope ur mama is feeling better inshallah ma feeha illa il3afya 7abeebti dont worry oo salamat'ha alf salama! :*